Indonesia Will Reopen Its Border To foreigners in Said Minister


Indonesia, Jakarta – On Tuesday the Minister of health said Indonesia will reopen its border. After 70% of its target population have received at least one shot off the Covid vaccine.

Reuters interview Budi Gunadi Sadikin who said he was taking cues from the adopted strategy by Britain. This has helped the country achieve a lower rate of hospital admissions and fatalities.

“So for us, we concentrate on the first dose. If we can vaccinate 70% of the target population of 208 million, if we can hit 140-150 million, 70% with the first dose, then we can gradually start reopening,” the minister said.

“And my calculation is that will be reached by November.”

In Indonesia, more than 4.1 million coronavirus cases were recorded in addition to the 139,000 deaths from COVID-19. Happily, the people who tested positive have dropped by 31% in late July and now 2% on Tuesday.

The Indonesia border will be reopened in November as publicly said by the Indonesian minister.

Indonesia has recorded more than 4.1 million coronavirus cases and 139,000 deaths from COVID-19, but the positivity rate – the number of those tested who are positive – has dropped. It was 31% in late July but was 2% on Tuesday. – Reuter

The country is the fourth most populous country, as is among the country that has received its first vaccine dose – the sixth-highest after countries like China, the United States, India, Brazil and Japan.

However, the minister said “It is extremely difficult to predict,” because he could not guarantee there would not be another surge of infections in the country – the third time.


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