What Happened When Parents Scare Their Children


A scare is one of how a Jinn can overpower and possess the children. And unknowingly most parents scare their children.

It’s a sad and tremendously serious issue.

A very important point is made by Shaikh al-`Uthaymeen, which explains how dangerous is it when parents scare their children.

Shaikh Ibn al-`Uthaymeen رحمه الله said:

Some of the foolish, ignorant people, lacking intelligence, scare their small innocent children and frighten them by saying: so-and-so will come (and take you), or so-and-so will (do such-and-such to you).

Stop Scaring Your Children

So the child gets scared and this fear and anxiety remain in his heart, and this becomes permanent in his heart so that he is constantly in anxiety, fear and distress.

Sometimes it is the father who scares his son and sometimes it is the mother who scares her son or daughter.

Don’t Lock Your Child In The Room For Punishment

But the most foolish ones are those who tell us that when a child does something wrong (then as punishment) he should be locked inside his room, alone.

And even when he shouts and screams they do not feel sorry for him nor do they open the door.

And this is one of the means by which a Jinn overpowers (and possesses) the child.

The Jinn Possessed A Child

This was conveyed by one of the Jinns who had possessed a child and said that he entered in him when his father had locked him inside the room, and he began to shout and scream, and that’s when he possessed him.


So we should be alert and take precautions from the things which can become a means for the Jinn to overpower us. That also explains what danger it tails when parents scare their children.

Source: Bayaanu Haqeeqi Soriha Lijini Liinsaan – Shaikh Soliu al-uthymeen


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