Qatar Aid To Gaza Families, $40m New Funding


New funding amounts to $40 said UN as Qatar aid to Gaza families resume. The Gulf state has donated millions of dollars to Gaza since 2014.

Distribution of aid has resumed to the besieged Gaza Strip in an escalation of violence between Isreal and Hamas in May.

A news agency from the Hamas-run government said ‘the money is being disbursed through supermarkets, money exchange shops and other retail stores in a process that will continue during the coming days.’

On Wednesday, Mohammad el-Amadi also confirmed that the $40m founding payments had started. From the office f Qatar’s Gaza envoy.

Reporting from Gaza, Youma al-Sayed (Al Jazeera) said that not like the money is distributed before, it will be delivered in shekels. 320 shekels amount to $100.

Since Isreal’s assault on Gaza Stripe in 2014, hundreds of millions of dollars have been donated by Qatar.

Qatari diplomats were said to have delivered millions of dollars in cash before the recent outbreak of violence in Palestine, between Isreal and Hamas. The diplomat was passing through the Beit Hanoun border crossing carrying suitcases to aid the Gaza.

However, this caused controversy within Isreal as critics accused Isreal of bowing to Hamas pressure.

In June, The New Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett then promised to end such deliveries.

Salaries were paid to the civil servants in Gaza’s goverment and the Qatari aid also went to thousands of poor families previously.

The United States has pledged to work with the Palestine Authority to rebuild Gaza, which the PA who administers parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank withdrew.

The PA withdrew the agreement.

In accordance with this, the UN on Monday announces that around $40 – the funding from the Qatari would be distributed in the territory through the same mechanism its agencies use.


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