The Untold Truth Between Islam And Terrorism – Wadan’s Shocking Video Explains


It’s a really big thing, can there be a different belief between the so-called terrorist ‘Islamic Jiahadists’ and ‘the Muslim Umma’. However, it shouldn’t be hard to understand, if you ask yourself the right question.

For instance, in the history of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), have you ever read that he went to the market and release bombs to kill thousands of people?

Unknowingly, in such an unexpected blast. Muslim could be among, women and children could also be present. Even, when fighting a war, Islam didn’t teach us to kill women and children.

Upon reading that you will probably be thinking ‘There is something fishy’. Is terrorism an idea prophet Muhammed (SAW) doesn’t even believe in?

Over the past centuries, terror attacks have been growing rapidly. Maybe after the fall of some Muslim nation.

Wadan’s Shocking Video

Maybe that is what Rizwan Wadan of Pixeleyed Pictures was thinking. As he said “I’m the only Muslim in the world who’s blown up a market and got away with it,”

The British filmmaker Wadan, publish a new video that pinpoints the difference between Islam and terrorism. With his hope to reshape the image of other Muslims’ faith.

Similarly, Wadan could be the masterpiece baking the ‘Error in Terror Campaign’ The controversial new video cost £1.2 million to produce and Wadan has aimed it to explain the difference between Islam and terrorism.

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Wadan is an immigrant from Pakistan to the UK, and he has the idea been a mission since the 7/7 London bombings back in 2005. Which left 56 people lying dead when four suicide bombers blow up the area.

“It’s a commemoration – an anniversary means you are celebrating something and there’s nothing to celebrate. We are trying to unite communities and we’ve made a really powerful visual deterrent. I abhor the terminology ‘Islam terrorism’; it’s like a double negative. We’re just people and evil has no religion, race or nation.” – Waden said when speaking to

He also said, “I just thought these people do not represent what Islam stands for. What I was seeing on the screen was an image, so what I’ve got to do is grab that image, take it from something negative and point it at the things it’s not being pointed at. I picked up the camera, and have never studied so hard in gaining these skills.”

But not everyone welcomed his shocking approach.

Wadan said, “Some of the Muslim community are not happy for me to use a Muslim character. I’ve been criticized, saying it reinforces the stereotype.

“But I said to them ‘I’m going to say a word and tell me what image comes into your head,’ and I said, ‘Terrorist’. This scholar looked at me and said, ‘I see your point’.

“I’m not creating a character with an image that is not already assigned to the word terrorist. We’re trying to empower the next generation; we’re showing them, this is how you can blow up a marketplace.”

Watch the Video:

Source: Pixeleyed Pictures

Wadan Sees Attacks as The Perpetrator’s Personal Expression

He said, “Everything we do is a form of expression. Ultimately what you do leaves behind a story. We are living in a day and age where cameras are there, so the real lesson for these individuals is that you’re going to become someone’s story and someone is going to edit that story – what do you want to be, and what message do you want to leave behind?

“I’m the only Muslim in the world that’s blown up a marketplace and got away with it. I can go blow up another marketplace, I’ve lived to tell the tale.

“ There’s a way to express yourself and film as a medium is undeniably one of the most powerful tools, and one of the most effective means of communication that humanity has seen. Why not use that?”

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Wadan Travelled Around England to Communities With no Interaction With Muslims

As Wadan said, “I have never felt uncomfortable anywhere in this country; if you have these walls around you then you’ve got a problem within yourself that you’ve got to overcome first.

“Going into those pubs… I’ve got a big beard, I’ve got bags and they’re thinking, ‘Is this my last pint?’ It was quite funny, to be honest. It is a visually stunning piece; there is an explosion, it’s in your face, straight to the point.

“It’s about overcoming someone’s differences, helping someone to overcome the negativity within themselves and hatred. They are holding onto this weight and you can help to alleviate that.”

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When Wadan and this team ask where people got the idea that Muslims were terrorists.

Their answer is always the media.

Like he explained, “When individuals realise ‘Maybe I’m incorrect in the way I think,’ we ask them where did you form these ideas? They literally blame the news, the TV channels – I won’t say the channel that gets blamed a lot, but it begins with a B. Rather than pointing fingers, we’re trying to provide solutions.”

People think that Britain current government is creating hostility to immigrants and sowing the seeds of cultural division.

Wadan don’t!

He said, “It’s easy to look at Boris Johnson as the figurehead and say that he or [Home Secretary] Priti Patel are the problem. Is it a good time for Muslims, non-Muslims or anyone to live in Britain? It’s an epic time to live in the UK and an amazing time to be alive.

“Boris Johnson doesn’t have control over how we think and treat each other, and what we do. He’s said some things I wasn’t happy with, but so do my friends, so do my brothers and sisters. We have to stop just thinking about ourselves.”


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