The Influx Of Refugees: Turkey Extends The Wall On Border Area With Iran


Ankara: The Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu said that Turkey extends the wall. He explains further that the country has extended the construction of a wall on its border with Iran, in the middle of the continued inflow of refugees.

These refugees are the Afghanistan who flew their country. Going through the Iranian border to Turkey following the withdrawal of American forces and the take over of the Taliban.

At a meeting on Wednesday “We will add another 242 km to the 221 km we have built so far along our border with Iran,” Soylu said.

He added that “Our negotiations with Iran have resulted successfully. We are planning to finish the 20 km on our (southeastern province) Hakkari border by winter,”

The Minister explained that Turkey had taken measures on its eastern border before the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Though it has now decreased to 200, around 1,500 Afghan refugees were pushing the borders every day.

The influx of refugees from Afghan, Turkey extends the border to decrease the inflow of Afghan refugees.

In a report by President Recap Tayyip Erdogan, almost 300,000 Afghan refugees have already settled in Turkey.

That said, Soylu said, in the eastern Igdir province, Turkey stated building the walls in 2017, with a record of a total of 159m of border wall in the eastern Agri province.


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