Zakzaky’s Arrested In Kaduna Caused Fear As Police Attack Shiites Protestants


The Kaduna state police command has been reported to fire gunshots at the protestants.

Following the further detention of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. His followers spread out to protest against the police for not releasing their leader for so long since his arrest.

The members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria were gathered at the Central Market to show their concern for the detaining of their leader as the police fired gunshots to disperse them.

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It was gathered that the police got wind of the protest and deployed officers to the Sheikh Gumi axis of the Kaduna Central Market to stop the protesters, Daily Trust reports.

For this reason, the Shiites immediately vacate the area and stop the protesting as the police have surrounded the whole area with vehicles.

An eye-withness, Halima Ibrahim said ” I had just arrived at the market when she heard shots being fired” added “I immediately took cover when I heard the shots and the whole incident caused pandemonium in the market. Later, I was able to muster courage and leave my car, where I was waiting to hear what happened. I was told that police officers came to the market to pick some IMN group members and fired some shots to scare them.”

Mrs Halima has come to the market to buy foodstuff when she heard the gunshot.

In other words, as the report outline, the police indeed fired gunshots in the market to stop the protest of the IMN.

To clarify, Halima heard that very gunshot as she enters the market.

She also said, “A customer of mine, Mohammed Yunusa, told me that on Wednesday, some policemen were passing the market in their vehicle on routine duty when IMN members attacked them, they vandalised the vehicle and the occupants had to run for their lives.”

On the contrary, Abdullah Usman a member of IMN ” We usually come out every two weeks in protest to remind Nigerians that our leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and his wife are still being held since 2015. It seems the police got an intelligence report that we will come out to protest because they beat us to our game. “

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He added ” When we saw that policemen had been deployed to the area of the protest, we decided to suspend the rally and I think to scare us, some policemen moved into the market and fired some shots into the air. ”

True to be told, it’s almost shocking that the IMN condemned their protest, but they did not start bloodshed. As Abdullah Usman.

“We then moved to Dan Mani Junction along the Nnamdi Azikiwe road to continue with our protest, but the police had also been deployed there and in the end, we aborted the whole protest to avoid bloodshed.”


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