Short Story of Abu Bakr in His Early Days


Abu Bakr was one of the Sahaba of the prophet Muhammad (SAW), he was such a great person and have a serious influence on the founding of the Islamic religion.

Among all, with all the other Sahaba, they fight and shred their blood for the stability of the world and the spreading of the oneness of Allah (SWT).

But, before Abu Bakr became a Muslim and a Sahaba of the prophet. Like most of the Sahaba, he also has a past, when he was not a Muslim.

So read through and know what Abu Bakr past was before accepting Islam.

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His Date of Birth

The exact date of birth of Abu Bakr is not known. However, according to traditions he was younger than the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by two years and a few months.

That said, As the Holy Prophet was born in 571 CE, then we could say Abu Bakr was born in Makkah sometime in the year 573CE

The Family of Abu Bakr

His Father’s name was Abu Qahafa and his Mother was Salma Ummu-ul-Khair and they belong to the Bani Taim branch of Quraish.

Which joined with the prophet Muhammad (SAW) family, eighth generations to the ancestor Murrah

His Ancestors And Family Branch

Abu Bakr was the son of Othman, who was the son of ‘Amr, who was the son of Ka’ab, who was the son of Sa’ad, who was the son of Taim, who was the son of Murrah.

That said, Abu Bakr and Prophet Muhammad (SWT) family branch meet at the Murrah.

Brief Incident Upon Abu Bakr’s Birth

Some children were born before him to his parents and none of them survives the oddity of life.

So, when he was born, Abu Bakr was taken to Ka’aba. His parents dedicated him to the gods of Ka’aba. Then he was given a name.

Abu Bakr’s Birth Name

If you’ve ever wondered if his name was truly Abu Bakr. Here is the answer.

To clarify, his original name was not Abu Bakr but Abdul Ka’aba – the servant of Ka’aba. Notice that, Abdul Ka’aba.

Above all, I think because his parents have suffered from early childhood death, was the reason for such naming.

Abu Bakr’s Childhood

As a note, his family enjoyed affluence, and he was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth.

Despite, no detailed accounts are available about the life of Abu Bakr during the period of childhood, like other Arab children.

He spent his early years in the open air of the desert. So, he grew as a typical son of the soil.

Therefore, the leanness and barrenness of the land around him were reflected in his physique.

In physical appearance, he was lean and thin with slender construction but was otherwise very hardy mad he had a strong mind.

Moreover, he had the tenacity and the strength of the rocks around him. Just like the golden sand of the desert, his face glowed with a white and red completion.

In brief, he was beautiful and that earned the name Atiq.


In summary, Abu Bakr was born in Medina in 573CE. He was giving the name Abdul Ka’aba at birth.

In addition, his parents were poor and he was a handsome person in his childhood which earned him a new name.

Even though he was strong and bold. That said, he was a family of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as their family branch meets at Murrah.

May the blessing of Allah be upon him.


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