How ‘Sulli Deals’ Misused Photos of Muslim Women On GitHub


I was extremely shocked this morning on Wednesday 27th of July, after Fajr prayer, I power on my smartphone to see what’s going on. Sadly the first thing I saw. “Sulli Deal app generated photos of Muslim women as the deal of the day”

Guess what that means, unknown groups are harassing Muslim women with their useless apps, and allow people to share photos of Muslim women on social media like Twitter.

This is somehow unacceptable for me, and I believe it will be the same for you.

Misogyny targeting Muslim women and seriously sharing their photos online is a much crime enough, but how about ‘deal of the day ‘. I couldn’t think of anything else than the unknown group could have wanted to sell all Muslim women they know.

What a sad incident to those Muslim women who shared their photos on social media.

Honestly, if you could remember some scholars warning of  Allah (SWT)’ s command. For us not to take pictures. Also, do remember the saying “whatever happened to you is from your doings”

Therefore, women photos showing their faces, uploaded by an unidentified group on an app using GitHub on Sunday, 4 July.

So, no one notices this until the app came to light when people started sharing their ‘deal of the day on Twitter, GitHub claimed they have removed it from their hosting.

How Sulli Deal is related to GitHub

True to be told, Sulli Deal is not directly created by GitHub.GitHub is a hosting platform, where anyone can go and upload any app they have created, so the world could know about it.

That’s exactly what happened, the world knows about the Muslim women photos and people started twitting them until GitHub removed them.

So, the ‘Sulli Deals’ which generate random Muslim women photos was created and used on GitHub. Not created by GitHub.

How ‘Sulli Deal’ Generate Muslim women photos

That said, here is a brief explanation of how the app gathers photos of women and use them as ‘deal of the day

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“Once opened, the app would ask the user to click on ‘Find your sulli deal of the day’. It would then randomly display a photo of a Muslim woman as your ‘sulli deal of the day’ – the photo most likely sourced from their social media account. I was shocked to see my face being right there, displayed as the deal of the day,” Hana Mohsin Khan, a pilot by profession, told The Quint.

Screengrab of 'Sulli Deals' app on Github.
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@adabehindustan)
Screengrab of 'Sulli Deals' app on Github.
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@adabehindustan)

How Muslim women respond to The “Sulli Deal” App

One of the women whose photos was shown, speaking to The Quint, a 27-year-old woman from Delhi-NCR said

“I was shocked when I saw a random handle sharing my photo and tagging me on Twitter as the ‘deal of the day.’ You might think why is she so scared? But I am tired and intimidated. Clearly, if I am in danger and the boundaries between my real and reel life blur, no one is going to aid me but myself,”

Another woman by the name of Khan, who is a popular voice on social media, said she was not intimidated but angry

“As a woman, I am angry. I am not worried or intimidated because we have simply gone through too much to get here. So many people have told me I should stop posting photos. But why should I? But at the same time, how long will this go on? When will action be taken,” Khan said, adding that a group of women are exploring legal options.

– Hana Mohsin Khan

What will be the punishment, if any

Like any other, Muslim brotherhood and sisterhood have been asking one another what will be the penalty for those unknown groups that created the “Sulli Deal” App.

By the way, for the fact they are unknown, it will be hard to find them, but only if the Social media companies are willing to bring them out to justice.

Most people believe these people are potential rapists.

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These people are potential rapists. The inaction over this has the potential to lead to rapes.

(Photo Courtesy: Twitter Screengrab)

It is the responsibility of Cyber authorities & SM companies to ensure such potential rapists face consequences for their crimes. Otherwise, women will continue to suffer the worst.

— Saniya Sayed (@Ssaniya_) July 5, 2021

I wasnt expecting the oranges to fall THIS low. I wanted to believe there is some insaaniyat left inside you infidels.

Sulli deals? I really hope the women in your family don’t face this because of your waahiyat behaviour.

I might just leave this rotting platform soon for good

— Ayesha Sultana (@AyeshaSultana95) July 4, 2021


Sullideals- Muslim women being auctioned as “deal of the day”! This is the face of Hindutva scums. These are the same men who’ll r*pe Muslim women in real life & no authority seems perturbed.

Horrible pieces of sh!t!

— AM (@AmbreenM_14) July 5, 2021

(Photo Courtesy: Twitter Screengrab)

How GitHub Response To the Fatal Incident

It’s sad, that there is no clarity on who created the ‘Sulli Deals’ app yet.

However, Erica Brescia, Chief Operating Officer at GitHub, confirmed on Twitter that the app has been removed. But, there’s no formal statement yet released.


In conclusion, it’s a really sad event for Muslims for having their photos generate by an app ‘Sulli Deals’ for that matter, and have it as the deal of the day, which sound like the unknown creator want to sell them or their pictures.

The whole world may seem not to save for Muslim Umma again, think of the Palestine attack Palestinian and many others. But if we stay close to Allah (SWT) I believe He will protect us all.



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