9 Most Useful Quran App You Should Download Now To Speed Up Your Quran Recitation


Every Muslim have a dream of reciting the Holy Quran. But it’s painful most of us don’t have the right schedule to manage such tasks.

Honestly, It’s not that strange that you want to recite the Holy Book as often as possible. Because you know how rewarding it will be for you, from Allah (The Greatest).

In case you don’t know, even if you can’t read the Holy Quran fluently, and you are disturbing yourself to read it.

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Truly Allah will reward you.

That said, the benefit of reciting the Holy book is enormous. But there is a problem.

It’s said by Islamic scholars that at minimum a Muslim should complete reciting the Holy Quran every single month.

Here’s the deal. In the complete Quran, there is 30 Juzuls. Each Juzul is a short book contain 10 sheets.

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Assuming you can read 1 Juzul a day, which is possible. In 30 days you should be able to complete reciting the Holy Book of Allah.

How to Speed Up Your Quran Recitation

On the other hand, technology should be used to your advantage. Think about it, everyone has a smartphone.

So, to speed up your Quran recitation, instead of playing games on your Android or Apple Phone.

Likewise, download these Quran apps and arrange your schedule as to how you will be reciting them daily. Even if you are an employee.


9 Free Quran Apps You should Download

Without further ado, below are different Quran Apps you should download on your smartphone. By the way, they are free, so I think there is no excuse not to complete the Holy Quran every single month.

  1. Quran Android
  2. iQuran Lite
  3. Al Quran MP3
  4. Last 20 Surahs of Quran
  5. Surah Yasin
  6. Surah Al-Mulk
  7. Surah Al-Kahf
  8. Surah Rahman
  9. Ayatul Kursi with Tajweed

How to Use the App

Now that you have the list of the nine Qur’an App for your Android Smartphone.

The next question is how do you use it.

If you remember, I talk about having a schedule for your activities. Self-discipline is needed here because when there’s no plan, action suffer.

So you should use your phone alarm to set the specific time you’ll be reciting Qur’an using your smartphone. 

However, I believe you should be able to install the apps by yourself. Then, install it and use your Android Smartphone to your advantage. So you can get massive rewards from Allah.


By all means, don’t allow for any distraction, pin your focus to one task at a time. Download the Quran app that you want from the above list.

Then, install and set a fixed time to recite the Quran.

In conclusion, may Allah (SWT) reward our good deeds.


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