Evidence: Allah is high above his creation – part 3


While some people say Allah is high above his creation, above the 7 heavens according to the verse of the Quran, some say that Allah exists without a place, because He is not similar to His creation who has the characteristics of needing a place.

Read the evidence that proof Allah is high above the Quran and Sunnah.

Evidence: Allah is high above His creation – part 1

Evidence: Allah is high above his creation – part 2

(3) The consensus of the scholars: The salaf (pious predecessors) agreed that Allah is above heaven, as is reported by scholars such as al-Dhahabi, may Allah have mercy on him, in his book Al-‘Aluw li’l-‘Aliy al-Ghaffar.

(4) Common sense: Highness is a quality that is associated in people’s minds with perfection. If this is the case, then it should be attributed to Allah because every absolute perfection should be attributed to Him.

(5) The innate instinct of man (fitrah). There should be no dispute that man instinctively knows that Allah is above heaven. Whenever something overwhelming befalls a person, and he turns to Allah for help, he looks towards heaven, not in any other direction.

But it is strange that those who deny that Allah is above His creation still raise their hands in supplication to no other direction than towards heaven.

Even Pharaoh, the enemy of Allah who disputed with Moosa (peace be upon him) about his Lord, told his minister Haman:

“O, Haman! Build me a tower that I may arrive at the ways, – the ways of the heavens, and I may look upon the god of Moosa …” [40:36-37]

He knew in his heart of hearts that Allah is real, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): “And they belied them (those ayat/signs) wrongfully and arrogantly, though their own selves were convinced thereof …” [27:14]

These are a few of the indications that Allah is above the heavens; this proof comes from the Quran, the Sunnah, the consensus of the scholars, common sense, man’s own instincts and even the words of the non-Muslims.

The other series that proof Allah is above heaven.

Evidence: Allah is high above His creation – part 1

Evidence: Allah is high above his creation – part 2

We ask Allah to guide us towards the truth.

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islamqa


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