Isreal Arrested: Members Of The Six Palestinians That Escaped Israeli Prison Were Detained


In the West Bank, members of the six Palestinians that escaped Israeli prison were detained.

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Israel-Palestine fight: At least six family members of the six Palestinian that escaped Israeli prison have been arrested by the Israeli troops.

As reported by a Palestinian prisoners’ group on Wednesday

This operation was carried out in the occupied West Bank of the Palestinians.

This is the action taken by the Israelis in response to the prison break from a high-security jail this week.

If you recall, the six Palestinians fled the prison on Monday, through a hole they dug with a spoon under a sink. Inside a Gilboa prison cell in the northern part of Israel.

Immediately after the incident is known. Israel deployed drones, road checkpoints and an army mission to Jenin, the West Bank hometown of many of the men locked up.

The six Palestinian prisoners were imprisoned for their roles in attacks on the Jewish state.

However, the recent report from The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club stated that two brothers of Mahmud Ardah have been arrested.

Mahmud Ardah was said to be described as the mastermind of the escape explained in local media.

The Israeli army has also taken four other people who are the fellow family member of Dr Nidal Ardah, along with two brothers of a second fugitive and the father of Munadel Infeiat, another escapee.

They have been detained in their custody.

It’s also noted that three of these escapees are members of the Islamic Jihad armed group.

Amani Sarahneh, a spokeswoman for the prisoners’ group, told AFP that others could also have been arrested, while some had been only briefly detained.

Another response. “Holding someone in order to coerce a relative to do something is a mafia-style tactic,” tweeted Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine director for Human Rights Watch.

Who knows, the Israeli army could have been disturbed by the people in the Gaza Strip and Jenin, the northern West Bank city celebrating the escape of the six.

The celebration happened in the place where most of the fugitives originate.

So as the latest update. members of the six Palestinian that escaped Israeli prison detained.


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