The Story Of Prophet Salih (PBUH), His Miracle, And About The She-Camel – Part 1


After the Ad tribe was destroyed, the tribe of Thamud follows. A Prophet was also sent to the people of Thamud after their evil ways increases. Let go through the story of Prophet Salih (PBUH).

Where you will know most of the things the people of Thamud did, the miracle did by the prophet and the incident of the she-camel.

The Story Of Prophet Salih (PBUH) Part 2 – Salih’s People Demand a Miracle

The Story Of Prophet Salih (PBUH) Part 3 – The She-Camel Is A Clear Sign

The People Of Thamud

The tribe of Thamud were the tribe that succeeded the Ad in power and glory.

Like the Ad, they are also idol-worshipping. They increase in wealth increased while their evil ways also increases as virtue decreased.

The Thamud tribe exist after the destruction of the Ad.

Like the people of Ad, they erected huge buildings on the plains and hewed beautiful homes out of the hills. Tyranny and oppression became prevalent as evil men ruled the land.

Their entire leaving and their impact in the story of prophet Salih leaves deep lessons for anyone who would benefit from it.

Who Is Prophet Salih (PBUH)?

When the Thamud evil grew higher, so Allah may be Glorify send a prophet upon them. And that person is Prophet Salih (PBUH).

His name was Salih Ibn Ubeid, Ibn Maseh, Ibn Ubeid, Ibn Hader, Ibn Thamud, Ibn Ather, Ibn Eram, Ibn Noah.

Like all other prophets. He called his people to worship Allah alone, and do not associate partners with Him. While some of them believed him, the majority of them disbelieved and harmed him by both words and deeds.

Salih directed them:

“O my people! Worship Allah, you have no other Ilah (god) but Him.” (Surat Hud – Quran 11, verse 61)

Salih was known for his wisdom, purity and goodness and had been greatly respected by his people before Allah’s revelation came to him. Salih’s people said to him:

“O, Salih! You have been among us as a figure of good hope and we wished for you to be our chief, till this, new thing which you have brought that we leave our gods and worship your God (Allah) alone! Do you now forbid us the worship of what our fathers have worshipped? But we are really in grave doubt as to that which you invite us to monotheism.” (Suratu Hud – Quran 11, verse 61).

The Story Of Prophet Salih (PBUH) Part 2 – Salih’s People Demand a Miracle

The Story Of Prophet Salih (PBUH) Part 3 – The She-Camel Is A Clear Sign


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