Around 2,027 Residents in Dubai Convert to Islam in The First Half of 2021


Dubai is been crowded with Islam, as residents are converting to Islam.

”Over 2,000 Dubai residents from different nationalities embraced Islam this year,” the Mohammad bin Rashid Centre for Islamic Culture has announced.

The official statistic showed that from January to June 2021 around 2,027 people convert to Islam by taking the Islamic oath or declaration (Shahada) at the Centre for Islamic Culture.

Above all, the centre that’s under the protection of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) embrace the new Muslims and provides them with religious support, Islamic principles education and social tolerance.

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Furthermore, The Center for Islamic culture has the mission to spread Islamic teachings to Muslims and publicising the true principles of Islam to those who what to know the Islamic Religion rules.

Hind Muhammad Lootah, Director of the centre said “The centre is constantly working to spread the values and principles of Islam to raise the level of public awareness among the communities residing in Dubai by using all technical means and human resources to reach various groups.”

Lootah goes on to say that the centre provides social and educational support as well as introducing the tolerant principles of Islam with religious help to new Muslims.

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The head of the New Muslims Welfare section. Hana Al Jallaf confirmed that because of the centre’s civilised discourse which promotes tolerance values, acquainting residents with the Emirati and moderate Islamic culture has yielded the conversion of 2027 residents to Islam.

He continues his explanation that anyone who wants to understand more about Islam or want to declare his belief in Allah could call the IACAD’s call centre 800600, the services portal ( or the IACAD’s application.

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“One can also visit the centre for this purpose and make use of them in smart screens that can help them take shahada or obtain more knowledge about Islam,” he said.


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