The Story Of Prophet Salih (PBUH) Part 3 – The She-Camel Is A Clear Sign


The tribe of Thamud demanded a miracle. That if a she-camel comes from the mountain. Allah sent the she-camel as a clear sign and it was a major event in the story of Prophet Salih (PBUH).

So the prophet asked the people of Thamud if they will believe in what he had come with and have faith in what Allah sent him.

They Agreed To Prophet Salih Request

They answered: “Yes.”

So he took a vow from them on this, then prayed to Allah the Almighty to grant their request. Allah ordered the distant rock to split asunder, to bringing forth a great ten-month pregnant she-camel.

When their eyes set on it, they were amazed. They saw a great thing, a wonderful sight, dazzling power and clear evidence!

A number of Salih’s people believed, yet most of them continued in their disbelief, stubbornness, and going astray.

Allah the Almighty said:
“We sent she-camel to Thamud as a clear sign, but they did her wrong. (Quran 17: Verse 59)

and also:

“Verily the dwellers of Al Hijr (the rocky tract) denied the Messengers. We gave them Our Signs, but they were averse to them. (Quran 15: Verse 80-81 Quran)

There are a number of ancient accounts of this camel and its miraculous nature. It was said that
the she-camel was miraculous because a rock in the mountain split open and it came forth from it, followed by its young offspring.

Other accounts said that the she-camel used to drink all the water in the wells in one day, and no other animals could approach the water.

Still, others claimed that the she-camel produced milk sufficient for all the people to drink, on the same day that it drank all the water, leaving none for them. At first, the people of Thamud were greatly surprised when the she-camel was issued from the mountain rocks.

It was a blessed camel, and its milk was sufficient for thousands of men, women and children. If it slept in a place that place was abandoned by other animals.

Thus it was obvious that it was not an ordinary camel, but one of Allah’s signs.

The People Of Thamud Plotting Against The She-Camel

It lived among Salih’s people, some of whom believed in Allah while the majority continued in their obstinacy and disbelief. Their hatred of Prophet Salih (PBUH) turned towards the blessed she-camel and became centred on it.

A conspiracy started to be hatched against the camel by the disbelievers, and they secretly plotted against it.

Prophet Salih (PBUH) feared that they might kill the camel, so he warned them:

“O my people! This she-camel of Allah is a sign to you, leave her to feed on Allah’s earth and touch her not with evil lest a near torment will seize you.” (Surat Hud – Quran 11: Verse 64)

For a while, Salih’s people let the camel graze and drink freely, but in their hearts they hated it.

However, the miraculous appearance of the unique camel caused many to become Salih’s followers, and they clung to their belief in Allah.

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