A woman using a fake identity for 19 years in Saudi Arabia: This is what happened to her when caught


She was arrested for using a fake identity for 19 years, which is for her dead sister identity.

However, she was dismissed due to the law of limitations.

Abu Dhabi (Sept. 29): An expatriate woman assumed a fake identity for 19 years in Saudi Arabia, but she got away with the offence due to the statute of limitations, local media reported.

According to the Saudi laws, forgery and impersonation cases, charges become time-barred in 10 years.

Unlike cases like murder, which involve severe crimes and typically have no maximum period.

Living under her sister’s name

The arrested woman was said to assume the identity of her sister, who passed away after being naturalised by marriage. And she was caught when a woman reported her to the police. Her offence was unveiled following a family dispute reported by a woman.

Despite not providing any evidence at first.
The informer told the police that a non-Saudi woman has been living in the Kingdom with a false identity.

After more than an hour of interrogation, the imposter admitted that the ID card belonged to her sister. She said her sister died more than 19 years ago.

The woman arrested told the police that, her sister obtained Saudi citizenship after she got married to a Saudi man, who her sister lived with in Saudi Arabia. Later she fell seriously ill, and have to return to her home country, where she died.

The imposter added that the man then married her after the death of her sister, and assumed her sister’s identity and lived on this identity for 19 years.

Later the husband died.

The imposter was brought to court, but she was declared not guilty of the charges. Because it became time-barred after the lapse of 10 years. In addition to that, the charges against the husband were also dismissed due to his death.


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