Celebration As 30 Muslim Student Got First Class


Does it worth celebration?

Thousands of people have been talking about this on social media, especially Facebook.

I should remember scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed when I notice a smiling face of a young man.

However, I paused to check, amazingly he’s a Muslim Student from UNILAG who won the overall best graduating student.

So, I thought it will be good to share it with you.

Muslim Society University of Lagos Celebrates The Graduating Students

The graduating student of the 2018/2019 academic session called the attention of the whole nation, especially to the Muslim community.

It seems like everyone including the Muslim society university of Lagos are celebrating for Alimi Ibrahim Adedeji (CGPA of 4.98), Dr. Moruf Rasheed and many other achievers.

In addition, a total of 281 graduantes won first class during the 51st convocation at the University of Lagos.

It’s an amazing fit for the Muslim Umma.

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In fact Prof.Lai Olurode commented on the Muslim students brilliancy display.

Chairman, Prof. Lai Olurode’s Comment

He said to the student, who made first class in the last academic section. “ I celebrate all the students who made first class not because they are Muslims or Christians but because they are the best. I suggest others should emulate them.”

Again, he also added “ They should be a model for the younger ones and come back to the university for mentorship of others. They must learn to circulate knowledge, they must learn to give back to the society, especially to University of Lagos where they graduated,”

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Not only that, Dr. Adekoya have something to say about the Muslim Students wonderful achievement.

“I’m Very Glad With The Brilliant Performance of Muslim Student”

Dr. Khalid Adekoya the Staff Adviser of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), University of Lagos Branch. In his own words said that he’s very glad with the brilliant performance of Muslim students who bagged first class honours degree during the last academic session of the institution.

Dr. Khalid countined as quote below.

“We give glory to God Almighty for crowning our little efforts with this success. We based all our efforts on what God has guided us to do. We made sure that we encouraged the students, especially those of them that are good, to organise tutorials in the mosque alongside other Islamic teachings. We have specific lectures for different courses, especially the difficult ones to encourage those who are not doing too well to wake up.”

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The Overall Best Ph.D. Thesis, Dr. Moruf Rasheed

Dr. Moruf Rasheed the overall best Ph.D Muslim Student said as he rejoiced his achievement. “I’m so excited because I had no premonition to win the laurel at the start of the research work, but I decided to get the best out of everything I laid my hands on.”

Most importantly, he added “Being the best makes one the number one but being unique makes one the only one. Each person knows his or her own place for water (Q 2:6). “With respect to what I have done within the three years of my fulltime Ph.D. research leading to 12 extracted published papers in both international and national journals, I then realised it is an award well-deserved. I thank God Almighty for this honour, knowing that many of my colleagues also had good contributions to knowledge.”

Overall UNILAG Best Graduating Student, Alimi Ibraheem

Mr. Alimi said “My parents and extended family thought I was going to study Medicine due to my smartness.” He countined “I knew I couldn’t cope with medicine due to my fear of blood, mutilated bodies, human parts, and all the situations doctors face. My next option was engineering because growing up, I loved cars and had a dream of building my own car and I also love Mathematics. So, Mechanical Engineering felt like the perfect choice.”

After which the overall UNILAG best graduating student added, “My five years experience in the University had its moments, the good and bad ones. Mechanical Engineering itself was very demanding and stressful right from the onset. The rigorous and voluminous lab reports are an important highlight. I was able to make new friends and families, further extending my connections.”

Labeebah Dhikrullah First Class in Marine Sciences

Being the third best in her department gave her joy. As the daughter of popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dhikrullah said.

“First, it’s Allah that made it possible. I am grateful to Him for seeing me through with a good result, Alhamdulillah. Being the third best gives me internal joy. For someone like me, I didn’t have a first-class GP in my year one but I saw the need to buckle up.”

She showcase her brilliancy as a disipline Muslim daughter who have a goal and focus. Like she said,

“ I set a target of 5.0 for myself every semester. There are some semesters where I did well and some I didn’t. For every heartbeat before checking my result, to all kinds of emotions after checking it, I say Alhamdulillah. Sometimes I do feel discouraged about having a first class, but my mentor always encouraged and motivated me not to give up and always prayed to Allah for strength. I’m grateful. After seeing my final results, I was happy. Another thing that gave me joy was that, out of five first class graduates in my department, four of us are Muslims. It was a prayer that came true and I’m very grateful to Allah and to everyone that was part of my success story.”

Others First Class Muslim Students

Hassan Salaudeen, who was the MSSN UNILAG Amir (President); sensational Ewi reciter and the head of Yoruba Unit at MSSNLagos Information Department, Adébáyọ̀ Ọlábọ̀dé; and Sherifat Omosholape Oshoala, Nigeria’s Super Falcons captain and Barcelona attacker, Assisat Oshoala’s relative.

Others are Ojo Ademola Dawud, Accounting; Bakare Mubarak Oluwatosin, Geophysics; Muhammad Mustapha Abiola, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; Yusuf Odunayo Iyabo, Finance; Oluwatobi Quadri Raji, Petroleum and Gas Engineering.

They also include Habeeb Olusanya, Mechanical Engineering; Animashaun Musa Bolarinwa, Surveying and Geoinformatics; Abdulmajeed Arogundade Ayodele, Mechanical Engineering; Aishat Ololade Liasu, Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Also included are Ajao Habeebah Kikelomo, Geology; Musa Idris Olaleye, Education & Mathematics; Monsurat Adeniyi, Accounting; Abass Ajibola, Marine Biology; Shoroye Soffiyya Morenikeji, Botany; AbdulHafis Odunuga, Geography and Planning; Yunus Abidemi Ibrahim, Accounting; Badeji Aisha Eniola from Mass Communication; Arikewuyo Mojeed, Mathematics and Habeeb Aderolu, eho studied Microbiology also graduated with first class.

Source: The Guardian

My conclusion

In conclusion, it really such great achievement that move the Muslim community, and share love as the celebrate the Successful Muslin Student in University of Logos.


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