What If You Prayed Isha At The Time Of Maghrib By Mistake? Any Islamic Ruling?


If you are like this Muslin lady, who prayed Isha at the time of Maghrib by mistakes. You will probably be searching for Islamic view of that kind of mistake.


Is Their Any Ruling About This?

Okay, I think I have something I can share with you about praying Isha at the time of Maghrib.

As you will see later, I’m not the one that derived this ruling.

But merely covering the ruling I found appropriate to this issue.

This kind of mistakes could possibly happened to Muslim female, because most normally pray in the house. Which is not the same for male Muslims.

How The She Mistakes And Prayed Isha At Maghrib’s time

The adhaan of Maghrib was given, and she thought it was ‘Isha’. So she prayed Maghrib with four rak‘ahs, intending it as ‘Isha’.

But when she sat with her family and the adhaan was given for ‘Isha’. She wondered about it, and they told her that the adhaan for ‘Isha’ had only just been given.

So, should she repeat Maghrib prayer or not?

Will She Repeat Maghrib? The Islamic Ruling On The Lady Prayed Isha At The Time Of Maghrib By Mistake

Praise be to Allah.

If she did not pray Maghrib, and she prayed ‘Isha’ before Maghrib, thinking that the adhaan was for ‘Isha’, and she forgot to pray Maghrib, then she should repeat it; she should pray Maghrib and then repeat ‘Isha’, because she prayed ‘Isha’ at the wrong time, at the time of Maghrib.

But if she had prayed Maghrib when the sun set, then her Maghrib prayer was valid, but she had to repeat ‘Isha’ because she prayed it before its time.

Prayer offered at the wrong time is not valid, but if she had not prayed Maghrib, she must make up Maghrib then pray ‘Isha’. – Issue reported on IslamQA

Proof source: Shaykh ‘Abd Al-‘Azeez Ibn Baaz (May Allah Have Mercy On Him), Fataawa Noor ‘Ala Ad-Darb (2/728).


In a nutshell, if you or anyone you know, like this Muslim lady prayed Isha at the time of Maghrib by mistake?

Then the simple answer you will have to repeat Isha, because you didn’t pray it at its right time.

However, if you also forget to pray Maghrib because you have prayed Isha at that time?

Then you will have to repeat Maghrib and after that you will have to pray Isha.

And Allah knows best.


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