Shuroot Solat: The prerequisites for prayer


The Shuroot or the prerequisites for prayer is so important that if one is not present, the overall prayer may be affected. Because the Shuroot works in an entity.

Meaning that, when something is called the Shuroot, each of the prerequisites must be found before the prayer is accepted.

So here are the Shuroot Solat.

1) Islam.
2) Sanity (Aql).
4) Cleanliness from filth according to one’s ability.
5) The entrance of the time of prayer.

The times are as follows: The time of Žuhr (Noon) prayer begins when the sun starts its decline after its zenith in the sky until the shade of anything is equal to its length. The time of Așr (Afternoon) prayer begins from the time Žuhr ends until the shadow of an object is double its length; this is what is preferred, but due to needing it can be extended until the sunsets.

The time of Maghrib (Sunset) prayer starts after the setting of the sun until the disappearance of redness or twilight of the sky.

The time of Isha (Night) prayer is up until the middle of the night and can continue up until the time of dawn if necessary. The time of Fajr (dawn) prayer begins at dawn’ until the sun rises.

6) Covering the private areas according to one’s ability with something opaque. The extent of the private area for a male who has reached the age of 10 years or older is from his navel to the knee, and for a woman who has reached puberty is her entire body except for her face in prayer.

7) Absence of impurities on the body, clothes and the place of prayer according to the best of one’s ability. 8) Facing the Prayer Direction (Qiblah) according to one’s ability. 9) Intention (Niyyah).

From Tefseer Ushr liakr.


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