Islamic Society Must Return to Its Faith And Divine Identity


Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, who is a member of the Assembly of Experts, said “if the Islamic society wants to be strong, it must return to its faith and divine identity”

He remarks on Saturday, July 10 at the 14th meeting of Islamic Unity in London, in accordant to Ayatollah Araki’s public relations office.

Those who attended the meeting include Sheikh Maher Hammoud, the president of the Union of Resistance Scholars, and Najmuddin Chalashkan with other spectacular Muslim leaders.

Ayatollah Araki explains that “The identity of each community is shaped based on its origin and the will that leads it to move and communicate with others.”

The identity of the Islamic society is formed by the will of Allah, that is, the Islamic society plans and moves according to the command of Allah, and is formed in terms of faith in the will of God.” He also said.

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The Islamic society establishes its relations with the members of the society and with other societies according to the command of Allah,Ayatollah Araki added.

Quoting the verse of the Holy Quran:
“Indeed, your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and then settled on the Throne. He draws the night’s cover over the day, which pursues it swiftly, and [He created] the sun, the moon, and the stars, [all of them] disposed of by His command. Look! All creation and command belong to Him. Blessed is Allah, the Lord of all the worlds,” – 

He said that “Almighty Allah in this verse emphasizes that Creation and command belong to Him. This is contrary to the secular view of Allah; they consider Allah the Creator of the universe but do not see the command in His hands.”

Only the Islamic society follows the path and command of Allah, avoiding His prohibitions, he sends the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to enlight the path so that the prophet will be the only one we must accept all he says and avoid everything he abstains us from, he the refer to the word “Whatever the Messenger has given you, take it and abstain from what he forbids you”.

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“Those who divided their religion and became sects, you are not one of them”, Ayatollah Araki stated: “In this verse, Allah considers those who have sworn allegiance to their religion to be far from the Prophet and says: “You are not one of them” Because when they disagree on these matters, it means that they do not follow the commands and prohibitions of God, as the religion of Islam calls everyone to unity.”

He added that those who oppose the Islamic identity are the unbeliever ruler as he said: Two identities are opposed to each other, the identity that follows the will of Allah and the identity that follows the will of the unbeliever ruler.

He then said the verse: “Those who have faith fight in the way of Allah, and those who are faithless fight in the way of fake gods. So, fight the friends of Satan. Indeed, the stratagems of Satan are always flimsy. Those who are infidels fight in the way of unbeliever ruler and they are the guardians and followers of Satan.”

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Ayatollah elaborates the strengthen Islam from the view of the Holy Quran “If the Islamic community wants to become strong, it must return to its faith and divine identity, in the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) says: “Do not weaken or grieve: you shall have the upper hand, should you be faithful.”

He then said: “Those who seek to establish relations with this criminal regime and are after following the Jews and Christians to secure their dignity, according to the verses of the Holy Quran, are all hypocrites. And they should know that they will never attain true glory, for the true glory belongs to Allah, His Messenger, and the believers;

As the verse affirms “Inform the hypocrites that there is a painful punishment for them, those who take the faithless for allies instead of the faithful. Do they seek to honour with them? [If so,] indeed all honour belongs to Allah.”

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In conclusion, he said: “Today, dignity and power have been achieved in the axis of resistance countries. Today, dignity is in strong Gaza, victorious Lebanon, strong Iraq, Syria and Yemen. True dignity today is in the Islamic Republic and the countries that stand against tyranny.”


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