The Pakistan police arrest four men for child abuse. They are luring children into a hall, performing sexual intercourse with them.

Punjab, Pakistan – We are searching for the members of the gang, accused of making pornographic videos in a marriage hall, while also abusing minors in Punjab province, said Pakistan’s police.

How Pakistan Police Arrest The Four Men

The police have brought the four suspects from the group to court on Saturday after a raid on Friday in Sahiwal district, said officer Umar Daraz.

The police officer – Daraz also added that they have acquired and seized a USB drive and about 46 pornographic videos from sell phones.

Videos shown suspects performing an unusual act with boys between the age of eight(8) to twelve(12) years.

Runaway and begging boys are lured by a vendor at a city main bus terminal in Punjab, into a marriage hall caught on video sodomizing the boys.

Police In Search Of Other Gang Members

This was revealed after the questioning carried out by the police after the four suspects were arrested. It shows that more unknown suspects are also involved in the crime.

Daraz said, ‘The police are searching for them’

The same issue was tackled earlier this year, in federal investigations on two men arrested for posting child pornography video on a dark site.

The report outlined that, child abuse is common in parts of Pakistan, however, the country parliament has currently passed news rules to enforce discipline. Outlining an increase in punishments for any criminals with such act.


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