Prophet Ibraheem’s Childhood: What Made Him Laugh At Age Seven


Prophet Ibraheem’s childhood is not only a good story to read, but also the unbelievable amount of knowledge that one will obtain.

His wisdom and brilliancy were outstanding, that he keep obsessed with why people make status and still worship it as their lord.

Even to the extent that he laughed after a discussion with his father when he was still seven years of age.

Prophet Ibraheem (PBUH) was endowed with spiritual understanding from an early age. Allah enlightened his heart and
mind gave him wisdom from childhood. Allah the Almighty stated:

“Indeed We bestowed aforetime on Ibraheem his (portion of) guidance, and We were Well
Acquainted with him( as to his Belief in the Oneness of Allah etc). (Quran 21:51)

He Asked His About The Status

During his early childhood, Ibraheem realized that his father made strange statues. One day, he asked him about what it was he made.

His father replied that he made statues of gods. Ibraheem was astonished and he spontaneously rejected the idea.

Sitting On The Backs Status

Being a child he played with such statues
sitting on their backs as people sit on the backs of donkeys and mules.

One day his father saw him riding the statue of Mardukh and he became furious. He ordered his
son not to play with it again.

Ibraheem (PBUH) asked: “What is this statue, father? It has big ears, bigger than ours.”

His father answered: “It is Mardukh, the god of gods, son! These big ears show his deep

This made Ibraheem laugh, he was only seven years old at that time.


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