Youth Chased Muslim Worshippers And Burned Down A Mosque In Protest Of A Recent Gunshot


Delta State, Nigeria: Youths of the Jeddo community has been reported to have destroyed a Mosque in the Okpe Local Government Area in the state.

This happens due to a recent gunshot, by unknown gunmen who killed George Akiru (Scosco) the community’s vigilante chairman. However, they claimed it was the work of Hausa indigenes and the youth chased Muslim worshippers and burned down a mosque.

Muslims and the Hausa indigenes are being accused of killing by the youth of the Jeddo community.

This unexpected killing of George Akiru has resulted in serious tension escalation in the area, plus the youths have vowed to avenge the death of the Jeddo community’s vigilante chairman.

‘We will soon strike back because they’ve killed a bonafide indigene of this town’ Ubada Umukoro, a youth said to the newsmen.

To ease the tension, security operatives have been taking necessary messures on any attempts to the breakdown of law in the area.

Similarly, in a telephone chat with Daily Post, DSP Bright Edafe, The Delta State acting Police Public Relations have confirmed the incident and he said an investigation is been carry out to put to justice the unknown killer of the Jeddo community’s vigilante chairman.


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