Women for Afghan Women Disappeared Overnight: End Of The Women Protection?


The Women for Afghan Women disappeared overnight, as the Taliban takeover the Afghan. They release the prisoners, which result in the threaten of women.

This happened because some prisoners who are imprisoned for being guilty of doing some illegal thing with women, start threatening them after they were released from prison by the Taliban.

The Women for Afghan Women is the largest network for women’s protection services in Afghan and was co-founded by Unita Viswanath.

The organization which took years to build up with around 32 safe houses, children’s homes in 14 provinces and growing through word-of-mouth has been disappeared as the Taliban win the war over the government in Afghan.

The co-founder of Women for Afghan Women Expresses Her Concern

“Our shelters, our women’s protection centres, are gone. It is highly unlikely that most of the work we do for women, will be able to do as we have done it,” said Sunita Viswanath, the co-founder of Women for Afghan Women.

Though this may not be caused directly by the Afghan warriors, as they have an impact on the incident. However, Ms Viswanath said “None of our staff has been beaten, attacked, killed, as far as I know,”

But, some of the shelter operators have fleed the centre destroying some records and saving themselves with their clients may not be just for the fear of the Taliban.

Because the Taliban fighters have come to some of the shelters in recent weeks. They may have vandalized the premises and taken over the buildings, there is no report that they harm anyone.

For now, Taliban officials have assured that women would be allowed to work and in some cases travel without a male relative’s escort — “as allowed for under Shariah,” or Islamic law. Says the Taliban’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid.

In short, the cloud of war is still yet to settle as the Taliban still faces some fighting in a valley. However, with the words from Taliban spokesmen, we can still hope for good results for women safety in Afghan.

That said, the Women for Afghan Women protecting group existence is still doubting as the Taliban may likely not allow such organization in their upcoming government.


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