In Tefseer Ushr lakr, Abdullahi and Abd-un-Nabi entered in to a dence conversation, part of the discussion is the explainations of what is Tawheed.

Let’s go through it and learn what really is Tawheed.

Abd-un-Nabi: If Tawheed does not only mean, as you say, acknowledging the existence of Allah and his total control of everything in the universe, then what is it?

Abdullah : The Tawheed for which Allah sent the Messengers and revealed the Sacred Scriptures, and which the mushrikoon (those who associate something with Allah in worship) refused to accept was to single out Allah in worship, directing worship to Him alone and none else.

This Tawheed entails that one does not direct
any worship to beings other than Allah, whether it be supplication, vows, offering sacrifice, seeking help and aid, or anything else.

This is the Tawheed which is intended in the phrase Laa Ilaaha Ill-Allah. The mushrikoon understood that the word ilaah meant those objects to which they directed worship, whether they were angels, prophets, saints, trees, graves or jinns.

They did not understand the word ilah to mean the Creator, the Provider, or the Administrator, since they knew that it was only Allah who had these traits, as mentioned before. The Prophet (PBUH) came to call them to this phrase of Tawheed: the Shahaadah (testimony) of Laa Ilaaha Ill-Allah and its practical implementation, not merely saying it with one’s tongue.


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