For Uttering The Anti-Muslim Sloganeering Another Person Arrested


New Delhi: Police, for uttering the anti-Muslim sloganeering Another person was arrested on August 8. It happened in the ‘Baharat Jodo Andolan’ an event organized by Ashwani Upadhaya who is the former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and a Supreme Court lawyer.

The person arrested in the New Delhi area on Tuesday evening was reported to be identified as Uttam Malik sometimes called Uttam Upadhyaya.

He had been accused by the Delhi district police, however, Malik had come to visit his friend when he was arrested for uttering the anti-Muslim sloganeering.

That said, Malik arrest is not the first to happen in New Delhi, and in fact, he’s just the eighth instance of the case.

As seven people have been arrested earlier before.

Malik is known to be a follower of Dasna’s priest – Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati. The person was famous for his controversial speeches. But Malik also runs a stationery store in Ghaziabad.

Not Only Malik Is Accused of uttering the anti-Muslim sloganeering

Another man, the name Pinky Chaudhary, is still on run. However, the police have set aside a team to nab Pinky. Because he was among some group who asked people to gather at the event for raising the anti-Muslim slogans.

Unbelievably, his anticipatory bail plea application was not accepted by the court as of a recent report.

Also, the court has been noticed to said that they are not a Taliban state and that the rule of law is ‘sacrosanct’ in India.

Pincky Chaudhary, the other man accused, is also the one who released two videos.

Upadhaya was bailed on August 12.

To point out, the policemen only acted after a video of the sloganeering surfaced on social media.

In conclusion, the police said, they will soon be arrested, referring to Chaudhary and some more other individuals.


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