Trust as the action of the heart


Trust is for the heart to rely entirely on Allah to bring good and ward off harm while being confident in Him and seeking the permissible means. To leave it means that there is a defect in one’s Tawheed and mind. It should be before one’s action and it is a fruit of certainty.

There are three types of trust:

1) The first is the obligatory type, which is the trust in Allah in things that He is only capable of doing, such as curing the sick.

2) The second is the prohibited type, which is of two kinds: a. The greater shirk (shirk akbar). This is when someone relies entirely on things which Allah has created as means and believing that these means independently bring benefit or harm (without the power of Allah); b. The lesser shirk (shirk asghar).

This is when someone relies upon others for sustenance, although not believing that the person is independently its cause. His attachment to him, however, is to such an extent that the person seems more than just a mere cause.

3) The third is the permissible type, which is to entrust another person or rely upon
them to perform something within their capabilities, such as buying and selling. It is
not permissible to say:” I rely on Allah and then you”, rather you should say: “I
entrust you”.

Intentions as the actions of the heart

Love as the action of the heart

Truthfulness, as the action of the heart


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