Three Mistakes You Are Making in Your Everyday Lives


In your everyday life, you are boned to be hooked down with some mistakes, but these three mistakes you are making in your everyday lives are critical. Because they are part of stress and worries.

As you read through this, keep in mind that you are going to learn some ways to optimize your entire living for productivity, fulfilment and happiness.

That said, worry is one of the problems we embed in ourselves, meaning that it is mainly because you did not manage your life well, control your mind and brain, that probably caused you to not achieve that much.

It’s self-explanatory.

So without any further ado, below are the three mistakes you are making in your everyday lives. The first of which is…


1. Wasting of Time

As a Muslim, if you truly want to practice your Ibadan at the optima level, you have to study the way you use your time. Let think about it, you want to make sure you perform every Solat in Jamah.

To achieve that you will need to take control of your time and the way you work around your day. You will probably don’t want to put your most important task during the time of Solat, because it’s either you don’t do the tasks or you don’t perform the Solat.

However, this is one part of time management, the other thing to look at. There is nothing like time management, yes, at the end of the day it managing yourself, so you can do what you want to do at a given time. You are not in control of time. Allah (SWT) is the creator and He controls all things.

A quick tip would be. Start preparing what you want to do tomorrow, today and arrange the tasks so that, you do the most important task first and your tasks don’t contradict with other activities, especially Al-Solat.


2. Matters That Don’t Concern You

Like I said earlier on, As a Muslim, who want to be among those that will enter Al-Jannat ul-Firdaus, it’s a must to get in control of yourself. The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) explain to us about our heart, he said if the heart is damaged, the whole body is affected and its truth is the heart is well and strong. Only those that control their mind, thinking won’t fall for the trick of Shaytaan, whose aim is to control humans and guide them astray.

Now let me explain, talking about matters that don’t concern you is termed as not in control of yourself, after all, your instinct told you to join the conversation.

This is amazing, and a serious matter, but it does not say you shouldn’t talk to people when they are doing something not allowed in Islam. What it means by matters that don’t concern you is joining the conversation that will not do much benefit for you in this world and the hereafter. With that you should be able to remember what I said when explaining the first Mistakes – Time Management, if you manage your time well, I believe you won’t be able to be part of any rubbish dialogue that doesn’t bring any value to you Ibadaah and life.

Quick tips I will leave you with, arrange your time and don’t give space for unnecessary talk, keep in mind that Allah will account for you for everything you do.

From the goodness of one’s Islam is leaving alone that which does not concern him.


3. Being Preoccupied With Trivial Issues.

Similarly, don’t put yourself in worried and stress listening to rumours, predictions, and gossip. If you have these characteristics, you will develop paranoia, anxiety, and a lack of purpose.

Which in turn not believe in anything, even what is true – and this may stop you to practice Islam to the fullest.

The bad news is scattered around, like me, listen to radio brings a lot of worries for me and I end up stopping doing it. In fact, I will have my schedule to clear up my social media newsfeed so I don’t see anything that will keep my emotion negative all day.

If rumours and trivial issues bring no danger other than worries for you, it is worth keeping yourself in control. Because if you did not, it will eat up your mind and keep you busy with unnecessary activities and thinking, which will bring nothing but massive worries and negative thinking.

If you truly want to produce, do more great things in less time, build a life that is following the rule of Allah, and live your life to the fullest. You need to avoid these three mistakes you are making in your everyday life.

However, to practice your deen to the fullest and get the reward for your Ibadaah, take control of yourself. As Allah (SWT) said in the Holy Quran.

So Allah gave them the reward of this world and the excellent reward of the Hereafter Q3:148

My Guidance shall neither go astray nor fall into distress and misery – Q20:123

In conclusion, As a Muslim who want to be rewarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you need to master yourself and take control. Avoid the three mistakes you are making in your everyday lives and you should be OK.

May Allah guides our mind and thinking, in the end, Allah (SWT) knows best.


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