The Sword of Prophet Muhammed: Its Name And Who Get Hold of It After His Death


It’s not a surprise to say that the prophet owns a sword. Because that’s normal for He takes part in Islamic wars and battles to spread and defend Islam. So in this post, you will understand some basic things about the sword of Prophet Muhammed, its name and who get hold of it after Prophet (PBUH) died.

Let first look through this hadith.

The Name of Sword of Prophet Muhammed

Ibn Abbas narrated, “The Messenger of Allah optionally took his sword Dhul-Faqar with him on the Day of Badr. And that is the one he saw a dream about on the Day of Uhud, he said, “I saw in my sword DhulFaqar defeat, so I interpreted it as a defeat amongst you. I saw that I was behind a sheep so I interpreted it as being the battalion.

I saw that I was behind a secure shield so I interpreted it as being Madinah. I saw a cow being slaughtered, so a cow by Allah is a good sign, so a cow by Allah is a good sign.” The words of the Messenger of Allah have been narrated by Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah from
the Hadith of Abdur-Rahman bin Abuz-Zinad from his father.

This narration, confirms that the sword of the Prophet did exist. it’s also clear that the name of the sword is Dhul Faqar.

Who Get Hold of The Sword After Prophet Death

Narrated by Sa‘eed bin Abul-Hasan, he said, “The pommel of the sword of the Messenger was from silver.” A sword from the swords of the Messenger of Allah became the property of the family of ‘Ali, when al-Husain bin ‘Ali was killed in Karbala and it was in his possession Then ‘Ali bin al-Husain Zainul-‘Abideen took it and entered Damascus with it when he entered upon Yazeed bin Mu‘awiyah.

Thereafter, he returned with it to Madinah. It has been affirmed in the Saheehain as narrated from alMiswar bin Makhramah that he met him and said to him, “Do you have any need that you may order me to satisfy?” ‘Ali said, “No.”

Then al-Miswar said, “Will you give me the sword of the Messenger of Allah for I am afraid that the people may take it from you by force. By Allah, if you give it to me, they will never be able to take it till I die.”

Other weapons have been mentioned that belonged to the Prophet, and from them are the shields that the Messenger of Allah would wear, as narrated by many such as as-Sa’ib bin Yazeed and Abdullah bin azZubair that the Messenger of Allah had two shields on the Day of Uhud.

In the Saheehain as narrated by Anas, “The Messenger of Allah entered on the day of the Conquest (of Makkah) with a helmet on his head. When he removed it, someone said to him, “Ibn Khatal is holding on to the drapes of the Ka‘bah.” So he said, “Kill him.”

Jabir narrated, “The Messenger of Allah entered on the day of the Conquest of Makkah with a black

Ibn Umar narrated, “When the Messenger of Allah would wear the turban he would let it (the excess
cloth) drop between his shoulders.”

And Allah knows best.


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