The Prophet Spoke Of Evils That Were To Occur After His Time – Part 1


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never know of something bad without warning us of it. At the same time, whenever he (PBUH) sees anything that will benefit this Umma, he will point it to us. And that is why the Prophet Spoke of the evils that were to occur after his time.

Sadly, the world is upside down, killing in the north, viruses in the south, kidnapping and stealing, frauding all around. No one can boost they are saved.

‘Ataa ibn Abee Rabaah narrated that ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased him) said,

“The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) came to us and said, “O group of Muhaajireen, five practices — if you are afflicted with them… and I seek refuge in Allah from you reaching them:

(1) evil does not spread throughout a people to the extent that they proclaim it openly except that plague and hunger will spread among them, to such a degree that was previously unknown by their predecessors;

(2) people will not reduce in measurement (i.e., by cheating with scales when buying and selling) except that they will be overtaken by drought in the lands, by burdensome obligations, and by the oppression of the ruler upon them;

(3) they will not refuse to pay Zakat on their wealth except that they will be prevented rain from the sky, and were it not for livestock, they would not receive rain (altogether);

(4) they will not break Allah’s covenant and the covenant of His Messenger (PBUH) except that their external enemies will be given reign to subjugate them, enemies that will take something from what is in their hands;

(5) and as long as their Imams do not rule by Allah’s Book and they mock what Allah revealed, Allah (may He be glorified) will make their strength to be used among themselves — against one another.” (Ibn Maajah)

Ibn Maajah was alone in relating the narration and it does have some Gharaabah (strangeness) in it.

This is terrible and it makes me sick. Almost everything the Prophet (PBUH) said has been happening lately. Yet most of us don’t have clue to what is happening.

Think about the latest pandemic that took over the world. Something we have never seen before in the history of mankind (except for the name). Instead of us looking at the real cause, we are blaming the scientist, nature, the US and China. While the real cause is people doing evil things and openly claiming they did it.

Really sad!

As a quick tip, trying to avoid the bad act the Prophet (PBUH) explains in the Hadith above is one of the best things to do.

In fact, the evils the Prophet Spoke about is enormous. And note that this article is the first in the series.


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