How The Prophet Established a Pact of Brotherhood Between the Muhajiroon and the Ansar – Part 2


After the Muslims in Makkah, undergone Hijrah, The Prophet established a pact of brotherhood between the Muhajiroon and the Ansar. The Muhajiroon are the Muslims who journey from Makkah to Medinah, which the Ansar are those who are already in Medinah. However, the Prophet (PBUH), based on brotherhood, established a written agreement between two groups.

How The Prophet Established a Pact of Brotherhood Between the Muhajiroon and the Ansar – Part 1

The Pact of Brotherhood Between the Muhajiroon and the Ansar (cont.)

(Then he mentioned every clan and house from the clans of the Ansar). Banu Al-Harith according to their current state shall pay the blood money they used to pay at first and every section shall ransom their prisoners according to reasonable terms and with justice among believers. Banu Sa’idah according to their current state and Banu Jusham as well as Banu An-Najjar and Banu Amr Ibn ‘Awf and Banu Nabeet up to when he said:

Verily the believers shall not leave any destitute person among them without paying his ransom money or blood money on the reasonable term. A believer shall not make a pledge with the ally of another believer against him. Whoever is rebellious and whoever seeks to spread injustice, sin, aggression, or corruption between the believers, the hand of every believer who fears Allah shall be against him even if he is his child.

A Believer shall not kill another Believer for the sake of a disbeliever, nor shall he support a disbeliever against a Believer. The protection of Allah is one and is extended to the least of them I status. The believers are friends and protectors of one another to the exclusion of other people.

Whosoever follows us among the Jews, for him shall be help and sympathy. They shall not be dealt with unjustly nor shall anyone be aided against them. The Jews shall share in the expenses of war as long as they fight alongside the Muslims. The Jews of Banu ‘Awf are one community with the believers. To the believers belong their religion and to the Jews belong their religion allies and persons except those who perpetrate injustice and sinfulness and such a person hurts no one except themselves and their families.

For the Jews of Bani Najjar, Banu Al-Harith, Banu Sa’idah and Banu Ju’sham, Banu Al-Aws, Banu Tha’labah, Jufnah and Banu Shateebah is something similar to that of Banu ‘Awf. The entourage of the Jews is like themselves, none of them will go out for war except with the permission of Muhammad but he shall not be hampered from avenging for a wound.

He who kills a man is like he had killed himself and his family except one who has been wronged for Allah will accept that.

The Jews shall bear their own expenses and the Muslims shall bear their own expenses as well. Each must help the other against anyone who fights against the people of this pact. They must seek mutual advice and consultation, righteousness as opposed to sin. A man is not responsible for his ally’s misdemeanour. The wronged must be helped. Verily, Yathrib is a sacred precinct for the people of this pact.

How The Prophet Established a Pact of Brotherhood Between the Muhajiroon and the Ansar – Part 1

Part of this article is taken from Al-Bidayah wa’l-Nihayah by Ibn Khateer


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