The Story of Fir‘awn and His Armies – Part 1


In the dept of Egypt history is the story of how the distraction of Fir’awn and his armies that went after the Banu Israeli. The incident shocked the whole world for how the of Fir‘awn and His Armies happened.

When Fir’awn of Egypt persisted in their disbelief and arrogance which lead to the disobedience of Fir’awn to Allah’s Prophet Moosa (Peace be upon him).

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Allah, Most High, bared the solid proofs against the people of Egypt and showed them miracles which amazed their eyes and bewildered their thinking, but despite all this, they listen not

They have decided not to stop their nasty activities,  they would not believe) with that, a few of them believed. While the majority don’t ever try to understand the truth Allah has brought to them.

However, It was said only three of Fir‘awn’s wives ( and the People of the Scriptures have no information about her ), the Believers from Fir‘awn’s family and an old man.

The old man was the one who ran to advise Prophet Moosa (Peace be upon him) from the farthest side of the city, saying, “O, Moosa! Verily, the chiefs are taking counsel together about you, to kill you, so escape. Truly, I am to you of those who give sincere advice.” (Soorah Al-Qasas 28:20)

This was said by ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him), according to what was narrated by Ibn Abi Hatim from him; and he was referring to other than
the magicians, for they were from the Copts.

The cause of their disbelief was nothing order than the fear of Fir’awn with makes them kept their faith concealed due to his power, his tyranny and his authoritative rule.

They don’t want the news of their accepting Islam to be conveyed to Fir’awn, they are afraid of the outcome.

The worst Fir’awn would be to prevent them from practising their religion.

As Allah, (Most High) says, ” And verily, Fir’awn was an arrogant tyrant on the Earth. (Soorah Yoonus 10:83)

He was an obstinate oppressor, determined to practice falsehood. He was indeed one of those who give up the truth and follow the evil, and commit all kinds of great sins). (Soorah Yoonus 10:83).

Indeed Fir’awn was a musrifoon polytheist, sinner and transgressor, those who know the truth but because of their arrogance, they ignore it entirely and go for what Shaytaan pointed them to.

Fir’awn and his armies were the disease of the time, for whose eradication had come.

Their distraction was the result of being an evil fruit whose time to be destroyed had arrived and an evil soul whose destruction had been ordained.

In conclusion, Fir’awn and his armies have decided not to accept the true faith of Allah explained to them by Prophet Moosa (PBUH) which lead Fir’awn to have the desire to stop anyone from practising their religion. This is just the beginning of the story of the destruction of Fir‘awn and His Armies.

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