Stop Commenting On The Taliban: Advice From Muslim Youth


India, New Delhi: Muslim community have advised the public to stop commenting on the Taliban. Where the Islamic State group had taken over Afghanistan.

However, two prominent have reported having urged the Muslim Youth to not engage in any discussion related to Taliban or Afghan at moment. Especially at it becomes dangerous to be safe from such debates.

14 Muslims was arrested in Assam

The issue of being cautious on commenting on the Taliban, who have taken over dismissing the US-backed government. After 14 Muslims was arrested in Assam for pro-Taliban posts on social media.

It’s a wake-up call for all.

On Saturday, Khalida Parveen Tweeted an appeal to Muslim youth to stop commenting on Taliban and Afghan. That Muslims should focus on their own affairs.

She also said that the Ministry of External Affairs will deal with the outside issue.

Quoting Khalida’s word by Siasat “It takes a lot of time to understand geo-politics and it is not very wise to comment on the Taliban currently,”

She fair that the incident of arresting 14 Muslims in Assam, New Delhi, may repeat over time. If care is not seriously taken.

Why Youth Should Stop Commenting On The Taliban

Khalida said. “My main argument is that young people need to be cautious instead of exhibiting passion and intensity about an issue which is still difficult to comprehend,” she added.

The same point has been made by Rais Khan Pathan -a Waqf Council Member, who also urge the general public to stop giving any statement regarding the Afghan crisis and the Taliban take over.

He said anything that could jeopardise that interest of the nation may result in a huge problem for the community – especially Muslim Youth.
‘India and Afghanistan have age-old relation. Let the government of India take a stand on the situation in that country’ Rais Khan said.


In conclusion, this message should be a piece of clear advice for Muslim youth, looking to start any conversation over the matter of the Taliban took over the Afghan. As other countries may also state taken uncertain actions over the matter.


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