Sohail Pardis was found beheaded by the Taliban, the interpreter, who helped US soldiers in Afghanistan after trying to flee the checkpoint was killed during the Eid holiday.

He is part of the translator who had worked for the US Army for 16 months. That said, he was travelling during the Eid holiday to his home on May 12, he was then stopped at a Taliban checkpoint was killed when trying to cross the checkpoint.

Villagers apparently saw the Taliban shoot at his car before beheading him credit: AFP

The Taliban had been calling him an American spy and he had been receiving death threats from them because of the translation services he offered the US during the 20 years way.

Similarly, Pardis’ friend and co-worker Abdulhaq Ayoubi told CNN that “They were telling him you are a spy for the Americans, you are the eyes of the Americans and you are infidel, and we will kill you and your family,”

His friend also said that Pardis was travelling to pick up his sister for Eid.


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Villagers who had seen Pardi’ last moment told the Red Crescent, that he was shot by Taliban militants when he was driving through the desert. Likewise, they said Pardis sped up when he passed the militants, his car came to stop after swerving. After which the Taliban dragged him out of his car before they beheaded him.

However, in June the Taliban had released a statement saying it would not harm those who worked with the US or any other foreign forces.

In conclusion, this is the report we could gather about the interpreter who was found beheaded by the Taliban. Sohail Pardis was killed by the Taliban during the Eid Holiday



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