Prison Break: Six Palestinian Prisoners Escaped From Israel Prison By Digging A Tunnel With A Spoon


Six Palestinian prisoners escaped From Israel prison, Jerusalem Post has reported a recent prison break in Israel, as a large army hunt for the six Palestinian prisoners.

The report stated that the prisoners escaped from Isreal’s North using a tunnel.

Jerusalem, Palestinian prisoners: “A large manhunt is underway for six Palestinian prisoners who escaped from the Gilboa prison in Israel’s North using a tunnel,” reports Jerusalem Post.

The six prisoners who were jailed for taking part in deadly terror attacks against Israelis, that, were sentenced to life in prison.

But the six high-security prisoners search their way and escape through a tunnel they had previously dug.

Six Prisoners Dug Tunnel With Spoon And Escaped

Meaning that the prisoners dug the tunnel through which they escape.

After the prison break has been discovered, The Israel Prison Service is said to have released the names and affiliations of the escaped prisoners:

In the report made by the Jerusalem Post, which outlined that, the tunnel was dug not by a spade but rather a rusty spoon the prisoners have hidden behind a poster in the cell.

They shared the same prison and together dug the tunnel in a month.

IDF Spokesperson Response To The Escape

In response to that, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that troops in the West Bank have been alerted to the escape and are on high alert.

It was also reported that three of them had attempted to escape in the past.

The escape happened around 3.30 AM and was discovered by a farmer who saw the six prisoners running in his field. After which he notified the police.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Response

In a statement, PIJ called the escape “heroic” and that it “will shock the Israeli defence system.”

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum was quoted by Shehab News Agency as saying that the escape is a “great victory that proves that the will and determination of the resistance fighters and mujahidin cannot be defeated regardless of the challenges” and that the “Zionist enemy has never and will never win, no matter how much power it possesses. The struggle for freedom from the occupier continues.

As these reports outline, the prisoners are still on the run and have not yet been caught.


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