Bloodshed: As Shiite Muslims Cut Their Heads With Sword To Mourn The Death of Hussein


While Muslims around the world fast to follow the lead of the Prophet (PBUH).

Added bloodshed as Shiite Muslims cut their heads with sword to mourn the death of Hussein.

Slicing their head skin and raining themselves with blood.

The first month of the Islamic calendar – Muharram is known to be the month that Muslims fast. The fast is commenced on the 9th and 10th of the month.

And there is solid proof from Prophet (PBUH) that it is a good thing to take part in the fast.

However, the Shiite Muslim men have one more thing to do on the day of Ashoora – BLOODSHED.

They took it as a ceremony, which not only marks Ashoora and commemorates the death of Hussein, grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

For the Shiite Ashoora is the day of bloodshed, cutting their head with a sword, or slicing their skin with sharp chained-knife, all with the hope to mourn the death of Hussein – who died at the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD.

They believe this act of self-flagellation and bloodletting is an act that will wash away sins for those who carry out the ritual.

Contrary to that, Prophet Muhammed has described fasting on the day of Ashoora and the day before (9th and 10th) will result in forgiveness of minor sins for the past year.

Other ceremonies celebrating Ashura were also held in other parts of the world, including in Afghanistan where the Taliban have taken control.

The pictures, taken in Najaf, Iraq, show a group of Shiite Muslims wearing all-white outfits, cutting their heads and allowing blood to run down themselves
The act of self-flagellation is seen as an act of washing away sins by those who carry out the ritual

In conclusion, to mourn the death of Hussain, the Shiite Muslims cut their heads with swords on the day of Ashoora.


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