During the time of Prophet Aramaya (PBUH) – Jeremiah, Allah told him He(Allah) is going to reconstruct the city, ungetting their, Prophet Aramaya (PBUH) found the place was not yet reconstructed. After a while, Prophet Aramaya sleeps for 100 years and Jerusalem is rebuilt.

Hashim ibn Al-Kalbi reported that Allah the Exalted revealed to Jeremiah: “I am going to
reconstruct Jerusalem, so go there.” He went and found it devastated. He said to himself: “Exalted be Allah! Allah told me to come to this city and that He was reconstructing it. When will
Allah rebuild it? And when will He bring it back to life?”

Then he slept, and his donkey with him, for seventy years until Nebuchadnezzar and the king over
him – Laharasab, who had ruled one hundred twenty years – had perished. Laharasab was
succeeded by his son Bashtaasib (According to the Bible, Ezra 1, this would be King Cyrus of

News of the death of Nebuchadnezzar had reached Bashtaasib through Sham (Syria),
which was in utter ruin. the wild beats had multiplied in Palestine, for it had become empty of
men. Bashtaasib therefore called to the children of Israel in Babylon: “Whoever wants to return to
Sham (Syria/Palestine) may do so.” It was ruled by one from the House of David, who was
ordered by Bashtaasib to rebuild Jerusalem and its temple, so they returned and rebuilt it.

Then Prophet Aramaya (PBUH) opened his eyes, blinked from the seventy year sleep, and saw how the city was being reconstructed. He remained in that sleep of his until he had completed one hundred years. When Allah awoke him, he thought that he had slept no more than an hour. He had known the city as a devastated land; when he saw it rebuilt and populated, he said:

“He grants wisdom to whom He pleases, and he, to whom wisdom is granted, is indeed granted
abundant good. But none remember (will receive admonition) except men of understanding.” [2:269]

Taken from Stories of the Prophets by Al-Imam ibn Kathir.


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