Eid-el Kabir Sallah festival is about to commence in less than 30 days. It’s discovered that in Kebbi rams price seen to have skyrocketed.

Also, a recent analysis carried out in  Birrnin Kebbi ram market (kara) has brought to life that the price of rams changes from market to market.

In simple terms, the ram market isn’t stable in the Kebbi rams market. Though, it also depends on the ram size.

For instance, as reported by blueprint ram worth #40,000 in the Kebbi rams market is sold at #37,000 in the Ambursa market. With the difference of #3,000.

What Causes The Ram Price Fluctuation

In an interview between blueprint and Alhaji Umaru Sa’a the Sarkin Kara in Ambursa market.

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However, Alhaji Umaru said the fluctuating of the price is caused by the middlemen, who will buy ram from an owner and then sell to prospective buyers instantly without less labour on their side.

Middlemen activities are to be attributed to the unstable of the ram price in the Kebbi Market.

Because like Alhaji Umaru said, “These middlemen move from market to market and their problem is that they always want to increase the prices so that they will maximize their profit.”

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In addition, he also added that the middlemen are the source of the price increment of rams and other items affecting buyers in the market. Because they engage in many trades in addition to ram trading.

He also said, “Like today Sunday, they come here in Ambursa to buy rams and transport them to Birnin Kebbi Kara market barely 15 kilometres away sold them and make bigger profits, so they would be doing until the market closes”.

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So, he urges the government to checkmate this middlemen activity for a union level authority can’t stop them.


In summary, ram prices fluctuate as middlemen but ram at low price from Ambursa market and transport it for selling at Birnin Kebbi Kara market at a much higher price, all in Kebbi.

However, the Sarkin Kara of Ambursa market urges the government to look into the activity to stable price in the Kebbi rams market.


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