Why Every Poor Should Not Grieve? The Heart Soften Message For Everyone Facing Poverty


As money message span from north to south, obsession travel from mind to mind. However, the poor should not grieve for your true value is not determined by your bank balance.

Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The (true) value of every person is weighed according to the good that he does.”

If you take a deep insight on Ali’s word, you will know that been poor is not something to make you depresses. Checking your bank account, may not obsessed you, rather wondering about other people’s wealth will keep you focing yourself to find riches any way possible.

But thinking about how much knowledge you have, and how beneficial is it to people should keep you moving forward in spite of any obessesors.

Therefore the value of a scholar is based on his knowledge, on whether it is limited or vast, and on the degree to which he disseminates his knowledge.

Similarly, the poet is appraised based on the quality of his poems. And so it goes for every person of every occupation: his worth with people is measured by his excellence in what he does.

In terms not of occupation but of religion and life in general, everyone should strive to increase their value and worth by performing good deeds, by increasing their knowledge and level of wisdom, by cultivating and polishing their mind, and by developing noble traits in their personality.

Source: Don’t Be Sad by ‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni


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