Nigeria And Iran To Increase Trade Relation, After meeting on the ongoing UNGA


Nigeria, Iran Thursday (Sept 23) – The Federal Government of Nigeria and Iran to increase trade relations. As Iran considers direct shipping and flight to Nigeria, the Federal Goverment urge for improved relations.

In an appeal made on Thursday by Chief Geoffrey Onyeama, the Minister of Foreign affairs of Nigeria during a bilateral meeting with Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs. – from newsmen in Abuja.

Both the Iranian and Nigeria Minister of Foreign Affairs had the meeting on the sidelines of the ongoing 76th Session of the UNGA, United Nations General Assembly in New York. – News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

Minister Onyeama said, ‘Nigeria will be very happy under the cooperation and engagement of Amir-Abdollahian to improve, even more, the relationship between both countries.’ while reminding Amir-Abdollahian of the excellent relations between the two countries.

“We are two big countries in our respective sub-regions, but unfortunately, the level of trade is not what it should be. And we should do a lot more.

“And we were trying to also discuss on how this should not interrupt our trade and how we can also work together to improve that aspect of our trade,” Onyeama said.

Amir-Abdullahian remarks by saying, “Mr Minister, as you do know, both countries have very high capacities for mutual cooperation.

“But as you said, the level of trade, collaboration and cooperation between our two countries is not at the satisfactory level, particularly when we look at the level of political cooperation that exists between the two nations.

“And of course, as you do know, Your Excellency, the private sector from both of our respective countries, are very keen on developing and progressing their ties with one another,” the Iranian Minister said.

In order to realise our desired higher commercial trade between the two countries. The Iranian government is looking into how to best establish a direct shipping route from Iran to Nigeria.

The Minister added that no challenges or issues whatsoever are difficult for Iran to remove, in order to progress trade between Nigeria and Iran.

Iranian-based Mahan Airlines is willing and capable to establish a direct flights route from Tehran to Lagos.

Iran is now ready to deepen the trade relations between both countries, by swiftly review the previous agreements, activate them where necessary and establishing the trade process as soon as possible.


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