Muslim Youths In Massachusetts Are Experiencing Oppression


In a recent report, 3 out of 5 Muslim students in Massachusetts, are targeted by bullying. Which caused a drastic sad emotion to spark the Muslim students in the University.

Normally, oppression is a common issue in college. But the report says this kind of ill-treating of Muslim youths is unheard of, in the worst-case – targeted to Muslims.

However, many of these acts have seen been happening lately as of the recent incident in Palestine. Not long ago, an app ‘Sulli Deal’ on GitHub generating Muslim Women’s pictures as the deal of the day.

That said, it could probably the time the prophets had talked about when all the nation will be on to the Muslim Umma, so if you are reading this right now. Put your mind at rest and tighten your teeth to the rule of Allah and His prophet.

Honestly, I’m saying this because Azeem Chaudhry, one of the youth group mentors told 22News ‘I used to hide the fact that I was Muslim.’ This seen to have been affecting youth’s religion for they feel no support at all.

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According to the report, WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A leading Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization says a high percentage of Muslim youth are being bullied for their religion.

Is it a crime to be a Muslim?

Just because of their faith in Allah and His Prophet, Muslim Students in Massachusetts reported being physically abused, mocked on the internet and even verbally harassed. Using some bad words to justify them. Only for being a Muslim.

As if that’s an offence, abusing and mocking Muslim Umma have been around from the start, but this time think it goes higher a little bit. For instance, A Muslim leader was killed in Osogbo, Nigeria. Even worst, a masquerade who message a Mosque also injured children and women.

Like Chaudhry said. “It isn’t just physical and verbal, it’s online. It’s kind of hard to avoid.”

Sadly enough, ‘Thirty-three per cent of high schoolers surveyed say they altered their appearance, behaviour, or names to hide that they’re Muslim.’ – 

Mariam Aydah, another youth group mentor said, “Before I started wearing hijab I used to test out one day with one day without, and I would look to see how people would react to me and you would see a huge difference.”

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As if it’s not enough, about 17% of Muslim students in the university pulled on, have their hijab tugged and that why the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts regroup so as to create a supportive environment for Muslim Students.

Aydah, a student in the university added: “There were a few critical cases that came up for example suicidal so that to me was very alarming.”

Likewise, In the classroom individual Muslim students are pushed to voice for all Muslims. As the report says about eighty-per cent of students surveyed.

It’s a sad story indeed.

Also, another student reported saying “My teachers have been pretty biased with me when they taught it.”

However, the most important necessary steps have been taken to ensure a more secure environment for Muslim students at Massachusetts University.

As concluded by Miriam, who said “At least have a Muslim teach Islam or even have a guest speaker where it’s not just the one professor who already has their own biases,”

Report Source: 22News


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