Mosque in northern France ordered shut for inciting abomination and violence – Devastating


mosque in northern France has been ordered shut for six months for “inciting violence”.

The prefecture of the Oise département said the large synagogue in Beauvais was closed for” inciting abomination”,” violence”and” reason of jihad”. France’s innards minister Gérald Darmanin blazoned on December 14 that he’d” set in stir”the procedure for the executive check of this synagogue because of” inferior”preachings”against Christians, homosexuals and Jews”. The counsel for the”Espoir et Fraternité” (“Hope and Fraternity”) NGO, which runs the synagogue, Samim Bolaky, told AFP that he’d appealed to the executive court in Amiens against this decision.

Bolaky said the authorities were targeting” certain reflections made during sermonizing by one of the synagogue’s imams — who has ago been suspended — who was speaking on a voluntary base”. The”Espoir et Fraternité” association has” always fought terrorism, has always promoted living together.”

But the interior ministry refutes that, saying the man” presented as an occasional speaker but who, in reality, acts as a regular imam”, had made reflections that” glorify jihad and the fighters, whom he describes as icons”.He’s also said to have defended”a rigorist practice of Islam”and”its superiority to the laws of the Republic”.In addition, his reflections corrected” culprits and present Western societies as Islamophobic”, the ministry said. The reflections also prompted”the faithful to break with the Republic”, according to the authorities.

French authorities have closed over 25 mosques

Following the adoption of a controversial separatism law that came into force in late August.Darmanin told the LCI news channel earlier this month that over the past six months 99 mosques suspected of radicalism have been controlled by the authoritiesThere is a total of 2,620 mosques across the country.”Of these 99, 21 have been closed, and 6 are currently in the process of being closed,” Darmanin said.

“We also plant that 36 of these mosques had accepted the demands of the Republic– moreover to leave a particular confederation, or to separate from the imam whom we considered dangerous, or to stop foreign backing, or unfortunatel

to combine these vittles– and so we removed them from the list.”Several associations have also been dissolved since the law was legislated, including la Ligue de Defense Noire Africaine, which described itself as a” revolutionary movement for the defense of the rights of Afrodescendants and Africans”, the Nawa Centred’Etudes Orientales et de Traduction publishing house, which was indicted of legitimising jihad, and the far-right Alvarium group, for inciting abomination.

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