4 Major Causes Of Divorce In Saudi Arabia” And Some Of The Countries In The Middle East.

The Major Causes Of Divorce In Saudi Arabia, the rate of divorce has been increasing in Saudi Arabia, According to the last record taken, Upto 53,000 divorces take place in Saudi Arabia every year (yearly). The question to be asked is “What are the main causes of the high rate of Divorce in Saudi?”

There are major causes of divorce in Saudi Arabia, But there are 3 Major causes of divorce in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Physical Needs: many divorces in Saudi Arabia are just because of not understanding the physical needs of partners by each other, We all agree that the physical needs of men are completely different from the physical needs of women. what are the physical needs of men? the expectations of men from women is not necessarily 100% fulfilled and the same goes for women. Understanding each other is the sole solution for a marriage to be successful.
  2. Domestic Violence: What are the causes of Domestic Violence? 4 in every 6 women is abused verbally, 2 in every 6 women is abused physically or emotionally every day, and up to 90% of the abusers are usually husbands or fathers. why does a husband abuse his wife? Why does a father abuse his Daughter?. There is no doubt that domestic violence is also one of the major reasons for divorces in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Saudi Customs and Laws: What are the Saudi Arabia Customs and Laws? Lately, The government has been in support of working-class women by allowing them to drive, travel alone, and passing many other regulations. But some families still don’t allow women to work outside, if a man cannot accommodate his family properly, a woman should work to share the man’s responsibility.
  4. Islamic Perspective{Major Causes Of Divorce In Saudi Arabia}: Although it is not encouraged, most Muslims agree that divorce is permitted if a marriage has broken down, and generally Muslims are permitted to re-marry if they so wish.

However, there are differences between Muslims about the procedures for divorce and remarriage: Divorce is permitted in Islam as a last resort if it is not possible to continue a marriage. Certain steps need to be taken to ensure that all options have been exhausted and both parties are treated with respect and justice.

In Islam, ​it is believed that married life should be filled with mercy, compassion, and tranquillity. Marriage is a great blessing. Each partner in the marriage has certain rights and responsibilities, which are to be fulfilled in a loving way in the best interests of the family.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Our clergy team can help with counseling and completing the process of the divorce with the most utter consideration to  Islamic requirements and laws of Alberta. It is important that both parties understand the process and be guided through relevant Islamic teachings, to ensure both parties’ rights are being preserved.

When a marriage is in danger, couples are advised to pursue all possible remedies to rebuild the relationship. Divorce is allowed as a last option, but it is discouraged. The Prophet Muhammad once said, “Of all the lawful things, divorce is the most hated by Allah.” For this reason, the first step a couple should make is to really search their hearts, evaluate the relationship, and try to reconcile. All marriages have ups and downs, and this decision should not arrive easily.

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