Qatari Envoy Says Kabul Airport Reopens To Receive Aid


Ambassador: Qatari Envoy says Kabul airport reopens to receive aid. And also stated that the flights for the civilians will start soon.

As reported by Ted Regencia and Merisiha Gadzo on Al-Jazeera on Saturday that Qatar’s ambassador to Afghan said ‘A technical team has been able to reopen Kabul airport to receive aid and it will be prepared for civilian flights soon’

The Ambassador also said, the in cooperation with the authorities in Afgan the airport runway has been reconstructed and repaired.

However, the world leader is preparing to have a discussion on how aid will be sent to Afghan due to the recent war.

The USA Congress is unlikely to deliver any support directed to the new Taliban-led government but is expected to finance the UN – United Nations’ humanitarian mission in Afghan.

As another report outlined that Cheif Antonio Guterres – a UN chief will be heading to Geneva on September 13 with the aim to join a high-level conference – which seems to be a talk on aid for Afghanistan.

But, maybe due to the fighting between the Taliban and the fighters in the Panjshir Valley, they are yet to form a government in the country.

Updated: Saturday 4th of September, 2021


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