Iran-Afghan Border is Under Control: IRGC Commander


As the latest update between Taliban sized Afghanistan ports last week. The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) said Tehran is under control. Tehran is the border between Iran-Afghan.

“There is no problem with the security of Iran’s borders, and at present, all of Iran’s eastern border in common with Afghanistan is in complete security and peace,” Xinhua news agency quoted Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the IRGC’s Ground Forces, on Sunday.

He also said he was checking the units stationed in Iran’s Dowqarun town. Part of the area which was conquered by the Taliban attacked Islam Qala ( and other borders) on July 8 after the US withdraw its Military from Afghanistan.

Pakpour (the IRGC commander) warned that Iranian armed forces would “harshly” deal with “bandits and smugglers” who could try to take advantage of the situation to enter Iranian territory.

An Iranian police spokesman announced earlier on Sunday that some Afghanistan border guards and customs officials who had entered Iran amid the Taliban offensive and takeover of the border crossings had been sent back to Afghan.

“An official request of the government of Afghanistan from the competent authorities of our country asking for the return of their personnel was approved, and these employees were returned to Afghanistan by flight,” Mehdi Hajian said in an interview with state TV.

When the Taliban seized the Afghan border and took over Islam Qala (Iran-Afghan border) on July 8 most of the guards and customs officers make their escape and took refuge in Iran’s Dowqarun town.

Hajian added that The Afghans who flew to the Iran-Afghan border were accommodated by Iran “based on Islamic standards, the principle of good nighbourliness and in respect of international rules and treaties”.

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“With the normalization of activities in the border terminal, special zone and Mahirood market, it is possible to send commercial cargoes, and there will be no ban on the issue of export or transit licenses,” IRNA quoted Ruhollah Latifi.

In conclusion, the Taliban militants have been attacking Afghanistan since the withdrawal of the US troops which result in a bad security situation in Afghanistan.

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But as the latest update on Sunday 11th July 2021. The Iran-Afghan Border is Under Control as the IRGC Commander said.


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