What Happened In The Battle of Banu Sulaim During The 2nd Year Of Hijrah


Praise be to Allah.

After fighting the Battle of Badr, without much rest, the Muslims embark on another battle.

In a report, Ibn Ishaq related: The Messenger of Allah’s conclusion of the Battle of Badr was at the close of the month of Ramadan or in Shawwal. When he returned to Madinah, he did not spend seven nights before he again led another military contingent against Banu Sulaim.

Ibn Hisham said: He appointed Siba’ Ibn ‘Urfutah Al-Ghifari or Ibn Umm Maktoum, the blind, to govern Madinah. Ibn Ishaq said that when they reached one of their watering holes named Al-Kudr, they encamped there for three nights and then returned to Madinah without any confrontation.

The Messenger of Allah remained in Madinah for the remainder of the months of Shawwal and Dhul-Qa‘dah during which most of the remaining Quraish prisoners of war were ransomed.

In conclusion, the hadith above, explains what happened in the Battle of Banu Sulaim. The battle that was fought after the Battle of Badr.


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