month of Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan, many Muslims try to achieve reciting the entire Quran within the 30 days of the holy month. It was confirmed from the authentic source that the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet During the month of Ramadan, so it’s appropriate that we use this month to try and attain as many blessings of reciting the Quran.

although, reciting the entire Quran can feel like an impossible challenge – especially if it’s already a few days into Ramadan and you haven’t started yet! Dont be Panick, for we have some easy tips and a guide to help you along the way.

Firstly, The reward is more than just reading of entire Quran alone, but for each letter within it! Abdullah Ibn Masud narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Whoever reads one letter from the Book of Allah will earn one reward thereby. One reward is equal to ten rewards the like of it. I do not say that Alif-Lam-Meem is a letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Meem is a letter.” [Tirmidhi]

So even if you only make it halfway through the Quran by the time Ramadan ends, you’ll still get the rewards for all that you’ve read so far! You can also continue this habit of reading after Ramadan has ended, and over time, your confidence in recitation will grow alongside your appreciation of the beauty of the Quran.

The process also gives you spiritual growth and elevates your standing as a Muslim. ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan reported that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Reciting the Quran helps you to attain patient and tranquillity,

month of Ramadan

The Preparation Before Reading The Quran During the month of Ramadan

These are the etiquettes one must follow before reciting the Quran.

  1. Being in a state of Ablution
  2. Dress Properly
  3. Make sure there are no Sound or factors that can cause distraction
  4. it is good to face Qiblah
  5. Start by seeking refuge with Allahu Against Shaytan
  6. Start with Bismillah

One of the reasons why it is most convenient to read the Quran before or after your prayers is because you will be in a state of Ablution, properly dressed, and be in the right state of mind to concentrate on your recitation and deepen your understanding.

Dont rush while reading Quran for the sake of finishing it quickly, so that you can understand the meaning of the verses. Save any discussion about the verse itself for afterwards, and remember to glorify Allah once you’ve finished reciting.

Start your recitation with a clean intention, and make the intention to embark on your recitation with sincerity, clarity, determination, and worship of Allah.

month of Ramadan

How to finish the Quran within 30 days of the Month of Ramadan

Holy Quran can be divided into 30 juz’ of different length, and the most common method for a solo reader is to read 1 juz’ per day. Each juz’ is 20 pages long, so you can break it up across the day:

  1. Recite 4 pages after each obligatory prayer
  2. Recite 2 pages before each obligatory prayer, and 2 pages after
  3. Recite 2 pages before each obligatory prayer, and 2 pages after
  4. Recite 5 pages in the morning, noon, afternoon, and night
  5. Recite 10 pages in the morning, and 10 in the evening

Those are the strategies for the month of Ramadan, you should find one that suits your schedule! If you only have time at night, or in the early hours of the morning, use that time to dedicate yourself to your recitation. It’s also important to keep a regular routine of recitation, which will help you feel more confident as well as more patient throughout the process.

If you haven’t started yet, this is how you can catch up during the month of Ramadan

The first step is to have the belief that you can do it, with pure intention, then just start reading! It may be hard at first, but if you keep putting it off out of fear, you’ll never get around to starting. And before you know it, the month will be over. So it’s better to just start, and do your best. Work reading the Quran into your daily routine – read it before and after your prayers, read it during Tarawih, and read it if you feel a compulsion to during the day.

If you can’t shake off the feeling that you won’t finish in time – don’t worry! It can feel like a daunting task especially if your hours are irregular or you just don’t have enough downtime to devote to it. But any effort is recognised by Allah and even a little effort is better than none. While you may not finish it this month of Ramadan, forcing yourself to even begin sets an amazing precedent for subsequent years! Eventually, you will be able to finish it within a month of Ramadan in the future. Some people take decades to achieve this, so you can only go at your own pace and do your best. There is no set pace you need to follow in the end.


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