How Iyas Ibn Mu’adh Accepts Islam And Died A Short Period Afterward – Part 2


This story is about how Iyas Ibn Mu’adh accepts Islam. He is among the youngsters from Banu ‘Abdul-Ashhal, when the Messenger of Allah first invited them to Islam, Iyas since to have accepted. However, one of them was against it, saying they did not come to the place to accept Islam, rather seek alliance from the Quraish against the Khazraj.

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Some Important Note From Dala’il An-Nubuwwah

Abu Zur‘ah Ar-Razi said in his Book Dala’il An-Nubuwwah: It is narrated from Mu‘adh Ibn Rifa‘ah Ibn
Rafi‘ from his father from his grandfather that he went out along with the son of his maternal aunt, Mu‘adh Ibn ‘Afra’ until they arrived in Makkah. When they descended from Thaniyyah, they saw a man sitting under a tree. This was before the departure of the six individuals from the Ansar.

He continued: When we saw him, we decided to speak to him. We said, let us approach this man so that we may put our camels in his charge till we finish circumambulating the Kaaba. We went to him and greeted in the manner of the time of ignorance and he returned our greeting in the manner of Islam. And we had heard something about the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. We immediately abhorred it.

We asked: “Who are you?” he said, “alight.” We alighted and asked him: “Where is that man who claims what he has claimed and said what he has said?” he said, “I am the one.” We said: “Let’s hear you present Islam.”

He began presenting Islam by asking: “Who created the heavens, the Earth and the mountain?” “Allah created them,” we said. “Who created you?” he asked again. “Allah,” we replied. “Who fashioned these effigies that you worship?” he asked and we replied, “We.” He asked again: “Is the Creator more deserving of being worshipped or the created being?”

We responded: “The Creator.” “Then you are more deserving of being worshipped than what you have fashioned and Allah is more deserving of being worshipped than anything you have fashioned.

I am inviting you to the worship of Allah and to testify that none deserves to be worshipped in truth except Allah and that I am a Messenger of Allah and to connect ties of kinship and to abandon wrongdoing even though that infuriates the people.” We said: “Even if what you are inviting to is falsehood still it is one of the loftiest matters and meritorious manners.” He took hold of our riding animals and we proceeded until we reached the Kaaba.

Mu‘adh Ibn ‘Afra’ sat with him. (He continued): I circumambulated the Kaaba and I dedicated one of the seven arrows to him. I faced the Kaaba and hit the arrow against it. I said: “O Allah if what Muhammad is calling to is true then let his arrow come out seven times.” When I hit it, it came out seven times. I cried out loud: “I bear witness that none is worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad are the Messenger of Allah!” People gather around me.

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They said: “You are insane and a juvenile.” I said, “Rather, I am a Muslim.” Then I came to the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, at the upper part of Makkah. When Mu‘adh saw me he said: “Rafi‘ has returned with a (radiance in his) face different from the one he went with.” I came and I accepted Islam. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, taught us Soorah Yoosuf and “Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists).” (Soorah Al‘Alaq 96:1)

Then we returned to Madinah. When we got to ‘Aqeeq, Mu‘adh said: “I do not like that we proceed in the night, so let us spend the night till morning before we proceed.” I said: “Spend the night with the goodness that I have acquired? I shall not do that.” Usually, whenever Rafi‘ returned from a journey, he would give his people gifts.” Its text and chain are Hasan.

In short, that is the story of how Iyas Ibn Mu’adh accepts Islam along with a little description of the battle of Ba’ath.

Story taken from Al-Bidayah wa’l-Nihayah by Ibn Katheer.


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