11 Interesting Fact About Islam You Should Know About


Islam is the religion that calls people to the oneness of Allah, the religion is practised with two most important basics rules – The Holy Quran and The Hadith. However, here are 11 interesting facts about Islam outlined below.

1: Jihad

Muslims believe in the necessity of jihad, which refers to the internal and external efforts to defend and preach the true Islamic rules to the world.

Although it’s rare, this can include military jihad if a “just war” is needed. However, this central idea in Islam is “jihad,” which means “struggle.”

2: Revelation

Muslims believe that Allah’s words as revealed to Prophet Muhammed through the Angel Jibril. And it’s not guesswork.

3: Other Prophets

In Islam, Muslims have a strong belief that some prophets were sent before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and they respect them. Among the prophets are, Ibraheem, Moosa, Isa, Noah.

4: Place of Worship

Muslim worship in the mosque, however, it is allowed in Islam for Muslims to pray wherever there is a clear place, especially if there is no mosque around.

5: Islamic followers determine to lie life of complete submission to Allah (may He be glorified).

6: Muslims believe that nothing happens beyond the will of Allah.

7: Muslims worship ‘Allah’ and refer to Him as the only One respected to be worship.

8: Followers of Islam pray and recite Al-Quran, they also believe in the day of judgement and life after death.

9: Most Muslim Children are really brilliant.

10: Islamic Medicine is one of the most regarded medicine in the world.

11: The early Muslims have ruled over the world, with countries like Pakistan, Palestine, Afghan, and many other are ruled with Islamic laws.

In conclusion, there are many facts in Islam than this just Eleven, but I hope these 11 facts are still interesting.


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