Eid Ul Ad’ha: What Are The Rules For Slaughtering Animals For Sacrifice?


Every single Muslim on the planet is waiting for the Eid Ul Ad’ha Festival. One of the celebrations approved by Allah (SWT).

Likewise, during Eid Ul Ad’ha Muslim Umma shared love between one another, food is given to those in need (without requesting) and people faces smile as they meet.

In that sense, the whole world will know for sure, that the blessing of Allah is pouring down from heaven.

However, while this a celebration day, it also the day Muslims should look forward to a great reward from Allah. And it’s been said that the greatest reward you could get on Eid Ul Ad’ha is by slaughtering Animals for Allah.

Keep in mind that, the animals you slaughtered have to be allowed in the rules of Islam and prescribed by the prophet Muhammed (SAW).

Therefore, below are the rulings building the choice of animals to slaughter.

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Minimum Age For Sacrificial Animals

Below is the basic information on the kind of animals you can slaughter for Eid Ul Ad’ha with the minimum age group. That said, it’s not allowed in Islam to sacrifice animals below the age listed below.

a. Cows (cow and bull): 2 years

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b. Camels (male and female): 5 years

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c. Goats (He goat and She goat): 12 month

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d. Sheep and ram: 12 month

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12 Rules Guiding The Slaughtering of Animals For Eid Ul Ad’ha

Follow the listed rules below, to be able to slaughter aminal that will get a reward from Allah (SWT), because in Islam if the discipline and teaching of the prophet are removed from an Iba’dah. It May not be rewarded accordingly.

  1. Every sane adult male and female Muslim who can afford to sacrifice an animal should sacrifice one as an act of worship
  2. The animals can be sacrificed starting from after the Eid Salaah on the 10th Dhul-Hijjah until the 13th DhulHijja
  3. Eligible animals are: goats, sheep, cows, camel
  4. Goats and sheep must be at least 12 months
  5. Cows and camels also have a minimum age of 2 years and 5 years respectively
  6. A goat/sheep may be slaughtered only as a single sacrifice i.e. it forms only a single share
  7. A maximum of seven people can jointly sacrifice one cow or one camel i.e. a cow/camel can have up to seven sharers
  8. A sacrificial animal should be free of any physical defect: injury, wound, deformity, etc
  9. The animal must be slaughtered in the Islamic manner

a. Place the animal on its left side facing the qiblah

b. Slaughter it using a very sharp knife, slide the knife two and a half times across the throat slicing the jugular vein and draining all the blood

c. Slaughter it out of sight of other sacrificial animals

d. Say BISMILLAHI WALLAAHU AKBAR at the time of slaughtering

10. The slaughtered animal’s meat should be shared in three lots: but not necessarily equally

a. One third to the poor and needy.

b. One third to friends and relatives.

c. One third for self.

11. The skin, intestines, head, hooves etc CANNOT be given as payment to the slaughterer

12. The Muslim who intends to slaughter SHOULD NOT clip his/her nails or trim any hair from the time of the new crescent of Dhul-Hijjah UNTIL AFTER offering the sacrifice.


In conclusion, the Eid Ul Ad’ha is not just for eating and drinking, but also for the day to get a massive reward from Allah (SWT) and to pray to Him to bless us with Aljanatu Firdaus. S as not to be among those who disbelieved.

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True to be told, I have tried to outline the basic rules above, and if you notice I did not include any proof to back it up. I did that for the purpose of simplicity.

Therefore if you want to learn deep about the ruling of Eid Ul Ad’ha, you could ask questions from good scholars of Islam or read this post that answers the question in detail.


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