Eid al-Adha 2021 moon sighting: When Saudi Arabia says Dhu al-Hijjah starts, and the way date is calculated


The festival of Sacrifice, also knows as Eid ul-Adha is the tenth Pillar of Islam.

The actual date is not known because it sees t by sighting the crescent moon. It’s a known fact that Eid ul-Adha is one of the two holier Islamic festivals.

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That is, the Eid ul-Adha is calculated upon sighting the moon, like many other festivals in Islam. Likewise, the data is not stable, and can’t be predicted.

How does the Eid al-Adha moon sighting work?

The Eid ul-Adha comes up on the tenth day of Dul Hijjah (the twelfth month of the Islamic Calendar). The moon calculation is based on the lunar cycle and that caused it shifts from year to year, it moves forward around 11 days annually.

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However, all this also means that it’s not possible to announce the exact date for any Islamic Festival. In addition, observers have to get more hints about the Eid al-Fitr because it falls at the start of the month.

That said, authorities in Saudi Arabia calling on its citizens to look for the moon on the evening of Friday 9 July.

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By all means, if the crescent moon is sighted, this year’s Eid ul-Adha would have started on Monday 19th of July which will then last for four days.

However, there was no sighting of the moon, with Saudi Arabia declaring that Eid would begin on Tuesday 20 July instead.

Serious as it may sound. There’s a question on whether you need a physical witness of the crescent moon in your region.

* It may have been blocked by the condition of the weather.

The answer is to follow the trust of those who sighted the moon.

What Should You Know About Eid ul-Adha

Honouring the story of the acceptance of the prophet Ibraheem to sacrifice his son as an act of worship to Allah’s command, Muslims were to service animals to Allah.

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The animal is slaughtered and arranged into three parts in an act known as Qurbani.

One part is then given to the poor, one to the immediate family and the other is reserved for relatives.

Also, Muslims could give charity to poorer families. Mosques and community groups will often arrange communal meals.

Muslims greet one another using the phrase “Eid Mubarak,” and joyfully exchange gifts and share food.

Also, before and after the Eid ul-Adha prayer Muslims chant the Takbir, with the Arabic phrase “Allāhu Akbar”, or “God is great.”


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